When you need to buy servers for your new business or more servers for your existing business, you might wonder if you can buy pre-owned servers or not. Of course, the cost of even a single server is quite high and it makes sense to save money on servers wherever you can. However, the thought of buying used or pre-owned servers bring many doubts to the mind of IT professionals. Many even think that pre-owned servers are old, not dependable, and can’t match the performance of new servers. On contrary, pre-owned servers make a more sensible choice.

Pre-owned servers are available in two forms: refurbished servers and used servers.

What are refurbished servers?

A refurbished server is a pre-owned server that has been previously used but has returned to its original operating state, has been tested thoroughly for reliability, and is in great working condition. It can come with a limited or full-time warranty by the vendor. Refurbished servers are considered free of potential risks and are significantly more reliable than used servers.

What are used servers?

A used server is a pre-owned server that has been used fully and then sold to some potential buyers without any testing. Hence, the longevity of used servers and their functioning are not reliable and buyers of used servers depend on the words of the previous owner only.

Used Servers or Refurbished Servers – Which One to Choose?

While both variants cost less than their new counterparts significantly, refurbished servers can cost a bit higher than the same used server.

Refurbished servers are often the preferred choice of most businesses because they deliver no less performance when compared to the new servers. When buying pre-owned servers, the best choice is to look for refurbished servers as you can use them without any worries and enjoy peace of mind.

If you are still in doubt and wondering why pre-owned servers make the best choice for small and medium businesses with limited budgets, then read on to know several reasons why you should prefer them.

Key Reasons Why You Should Buy Pre-Owned Servers

  1. Performance

Pre-owned servers that have been refurbished are known to deliver excellent performance and are as good as new. They can be used for all work conditions, which makes them a great choice when compared to their new counterparts. If you check that their technical specifications match your needs, you can gain the performance you need.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

New servers are extremely expensive and are often out of budget for most businesses. If you need a specific server with higher technological advancements and important features, you can save money by investing in identical refurbished servers. In other words, you can settle for higher specifications or superior configurations by choosing pre-owned refurbished servers without compromising on the budget.

  1. Better Returns

Pre-owned servers come with lower price tags than new servers with the same specifications; however, you can use them to get the same amount of work done within the same or almost the same timeframe. Thus, you enjoy the same or better returns at a lower investment amount.

  1. Environment-friendly choice

Preowned servers that are no longer in use or discarded by organizations contribute a significant share in accumulating electronic waste e-waste, which is extremely harmful to our environment if they all end up as waste. When you can reduce this waste by refurbishing servers and using them, it becomes a much more sustainable choice and reduces your carbon footprint – which is something that matters greatly in today’s world.

  1. Low maintenance

This is the most important factor that one should consider while purchasing servers. If you are spending a lot on maintenance, you will end up with lesser funds for other important things. While it is difficult to find replacements for more modern and advanced servers, it is easy to find replacement parts for refurbished servers. Hardware replacements of refurbished servers are easily available in the market. And these replacements also have low prices. Thus, refurbished servers make a better choice.

  1. High reliability

When you buy refurbished servers from certified vendors, you can rest assured that your refurbished servers are highly dependable. You can rely on them so that they will function just like new ones. To ensure their reliability, refurbished servers undergo multiple tests multiple times under extreme working conditions. These are also certified by ISV before getting added to the inventory.

  1. Can meet scaling requirements

Since refurbished servers are highly affordable, you can consider scaling them as per your requirements and hence process your workflows with higher productivity and efficiency. With refurbished servers, you can also work on advanced applications, improve your workflow, and better utilize your resources.

  1. Can be returned with ease

If you are facing some problem with your pre-owned server or simply planning to buy an upgraded version, you can return them easily to their vendors. Many vendors of preowned servers charge less fee and provide hassle-free returns for preowned servers with a minimum restocking fee with other refurbished servers. On the other hand, when you want to return new servers, it may longer time to get approval.

  1. Minimized lead times

In most cases, when you buy preowned servers, they are in stock, ready for dispatch, and deployment. Mostly, they also come with minimal shipping charges. You can get them delivered to your premises in a day or two. Thus, with preowned servers, you also enjoy minimized lead times.

  1. Warranty

Many preowned server vendors also provide a limited warranty on their refurbished servers. Thus, you don’t need to worry if some issue arises in the future.

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