The latest range of video surveillance products from Uniview offers many impressive features and innovations that you will surely appreciate. However, if you're searching for a basic and straightforward fixed-lens camera, don't worry, Uniview has that too. This line of cameras may become your preferred choice for fixed-lens security cameras.

There are three new IP security cameras that you would love to invest in: a vandal dome, a bullet, and a turret. The cameras are available in 2MP (FullHD 1080p) and 4MP (1440p), while the bullet and turret models also come in 8MP (4K UltraHD). In this article, we will introduce you to these Uniview fixed lens cameras and provide you with a comprehensive guide on their features and functionality.

The highlights of the Uniview IP cameras with a fixed lens

The video resolution 

The resolution of your camera and the level of surveillance you require will determine the quality you receive. It is worth noting that the three camera models are available in both 2MP (FullHD 1080p) and 4MP (1440p). Moreover, the bullet and turret cameras offer an additional 8MP, which is 4K UltraHD.

Information about fixed lens 

Uniview IP cameras with "fixed lens" mean they have lenses that are fixed in place and cannot zoom optically. The length of the lens on each camera depends on the model and resolution chosen. The turret and vandal dome cameras have the shortest lens focal length, providing a wider field of view.

All three models of the turret and both models of the vandal dome have a 2.8mm lens. In contrast, the bullet cameras are more zoomed in, with a narrower field of view. The focal length for the 2MP and 8MP bullet is 4mm, while the 4MP bullet has a focal length of 3.6mm.

Other specifications 

The Uniview IP camera can capture clear video footage in any condition, day or night, thanks to its 98-foot infrared distance, IP67 weatherproof rating, and Wide Dynamic Range capability. They also offer a range of smart event detection features, including intrusion detection, line crossing, face detection, and people counting.

Despite their advanced capabilities, these cameras are easy to use, with plug-and-play video compatibility with all Uniview recorders, ONVIF compatibility for easy integration with third-party systems, and simple mobile setup through QR code scanning.

Types of Uniview IP cameras

Uniview fixed lens Bullet- The housing of the camera is the same for the 2MP and 4MP models but differs slightly in appearance in the 4K version. The 2MP and 4MP bullet cameras have a straightforward three-axis adjustment system, controlled by a single knob at the base of the bullet. This can be either a positive or negative aspect, depending on the camera's accessibility. It is recommended to install it in a location that is not easily reachable.

The 4K model, on the other hand, is a bit more challenging to adjust, as each axis is operated by its screw. Phillips-head screws are used for the vertical and rotation axes, while the same knob from the 2MP and 4MP versions is used for the horizontal axis. The bullet camera has an appealing appearance, a compact size, and sturdy construction, making it an ideal camera for any setting.

Uniview fixed lens Vandal Dome- The vandal dome camera shares the same housing for both the 2MP and 4MP models, and the camera's vandal-proof glass dome is connected to the base using two hex screws. After loosening the screws and removing the dome, you can proceed to install and adjust your camera.

Unlike the bullet and turret cameras, the camera's connection pigtail on the vandal dome is unique. Along with the standard RJ45 Ethernet connection and 12v DC power connection, it also includes audio in/out and alarm in/out connections. Therefore, if you plan to use a microphone or alarm with your camera, this is the ideal option for you.

Uniview fixed lens Turret- The fixed lens turret camera comes with a single housing that is the same for all three models - 2MP, 4MP, and 8MP. The camera's metal construction is complemented by a plastic ring that covers its base. To install the camera, remove the cover by turning it counterclockwise. The camera is secured in place with a small tension screw that can be loosened to adjust its position.

The turret camera is a great choice for those seeking a combination of the power of a bullet camera and the durability of a vandal dome camera. It has an attractive design and a compact size.

How should you install your Uniview IP cameras?


To begin installing your camera, you need to identify the installation location and use the provided mounting template to drill the necessary holes accurately. Afterward, use the included mounting hardware to secure the camera in place. If you have the dome or the turret, you will have to remove the cover to access the screw holes.

After installation, it may be necessary to weatherproof your Ethernet connections depending on the installation method used. If you ran the cable through the ceiling and none of your wires are exposed, then no further action is needed. However, if your cables are exposed to the elements, you will need to install a weatherproof grommet to create a secure, weatherproof seal for your cables to withstand harsh weather conditions.


As these cameras are IP-based security cameras, the next step is to connect them to the network using a Cat5e Ethernet cable. There are three ways to do this: connecting the cable to the PoE switch at the back of an NVR, a separate PoE switch, or a standard switch or router.

The quickest way to set up the cameras is to connect them to the PoE switch at the back of a Uniview NVR. This will provide a plug-and-play video without any further setup or configuration. The cameras are also ONVIF compatible, so you can set them up with a third-party NVR, but the process may vary depending on the brand of your NVR. Alternatively, you can use the cameras as standalone devices by plugging them into a switch or router, but in this case, you will need to run an additional power cable. You can also opt for Uniview IP camera software download.

Uniview's IP security cameras, including the Fixed Lens bullet, turret, and vandal dome, are excellent options for your security inventory. To know more about these cameras, contact us via WhatsApp at +971585811786.