Huawei's next-generation firewalls and security products are an ideal choice for network security at all levels in small to enterprise-level business environments. Huawei firewalls are used to prevent unauthorized access and unwanted communications to protect a computer network. It helps IT, engineers, to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic as per the predetermined network protocols and security rules. A firewall runs on network hardware to filter unwanted traffic between two networks.

Huawei Technology is a well-known telecommunication equipment manufacturing company and designs some of the best network security firewalls for IT security solutions. With features like application control, URL filtering, bandwidth monitoring, and behavior and content audit, Huawei firewalls are an ideal choice for network security in your organization.

When it comes to picking the right firewall for your organization, USG2000, USG5000, USG6000, and USG9500 are the four major Huawei firewalls series for different network environments. Products in these series are designed to provide different levels of monitoring, network security, and threat management. Some of the best products of each series are as follows:

USG2110: Huawei USG2110 firewall is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and companies to provide network security. Firewall, UTM (Unified Threat Management), and VPN (Virtual Private Network) are the main functions of Huawei USG2000 series firewalls. USG2110 supports multiple VPN networking modes for enterprise-level solutions. It offers easy configuration, high performance, and high reliability at a relatively low price compared to other products in this segment. 

USG6600: USG6600 firewalls are suitable for setting up next-generation network environments in medium and large enterprises. With characteristics like comprehensive protection range, precise access control, high protection performance, and simple security management, USG6600 has become an ideal choice for data centers and Virtual Private Network remote interconnection to configure high-level network security.

USG9500: This series truly offers the next-generation firewalls through the three main sub-series - USG9520, USG9560, and USG9580. Firewall products in these series are suitable for large data centers, cloud service providers, and other larger enterprise-level networks for next-level security. They provide the most accurate access control with the most practical next-generation firewall features. With the advanced “NP multi-core distributed" architecture, USG9500 is capable of creating the richest virtualization in any type of network environment. The products in this series provide the most reliable and stable network security. 

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