People love touch screen laptops but they are a bit doubtful before buying them. They can’t decide if the touch screen laptop will help them professionally and personally or if there will be certain limitations to it. Another major thing that makes people doubtful is that Apple, one of the laptop brands, hasn’t introduced any touch screen laptop model. This is why the popularity of touch screen laptops is at stake. 

When the touch screen laptop was launched, people were excited. They thought the laptop will become handier as there will be no keyboard, mouse, or other pieces of external hardware attached to it. And the fact is it happened. With time, the demand for touch screen laptops increased and people found them pretty easy to keep and use. Most importantly, the touch screen laptop models came with improved features and people got addicted to them. 

Some reasons make touch screen laptops popular 

Navigation is easy and quick 

Primarily, the touch screen laptops streamline navigation, making it easy and quick. The touch screen makes the tasks more manageable compared to track pads and mouse devices. There is no need to move or scroll; just keep the tip of the finger on the required spot. Also, launching and shifting between applications get simpler. With a touch screen, the laptop can still be used if the trackpad or mouse stops working. 

Drawing and note-taking are conveniently done

Touch screen laptops are widely preferred by graphic designers and artists because they can efficiently generate sketches of artworks on the go at their convenience. They don’t have to control the mouse and trackpad movements or stay under their restricted moving areas. They can freely move their fingertips on the screen and create the artwork of their choice. It becomes easy for them to turn their thoughts into reality. 

The display is expressive and of high quality 

Compared to non-touchscreen laptops, touch screen laptops come with fantastic brightness and superior color vibrancy. There is also great accuracy and reproduction in touch screen laptops. Most touch screen laptops feature higher resolution displays. The best is the glossy touch screen displays that have a good response compared to the matte ones.

So, there is nothing wrong if we say that touch screen laptops are still popular. These features make the use of laptops easy and convenient. Also, they give an accurate performance. 

What’s negatively impacting the popularity of touch screen laptops?

People are doubtful about touch screen laptops and there are reasons for the same. There are issues that people are facing after investing in a touch screen laptop, affecting its popularity negatively. 

One of the biggest issues is fingerprints. Users get greeted by a dozen fingerprints and smudges. The smudges affect the video-watching experience on the laptop. Most importantly, constant cleaning of the screen becomes difficult because the display of the touch screen laptops is much bigger than phones. 

Even the use of certain applications on the touch screen laptop is challenging because they are designed with a keyboard and mouse in mind. No operating system has different sets of touch-based applications and keyboard and mouse-based applications. Whether the laptop is a touch screen or a non-touch screen, the applications are the same. For example, File Explorer. In this, a ton of options hidden behind context menus are designed with a keyboard and mouse in mind. So, using touch with File Explorer is a huge challenge. 

Chrome operating works great with touch along with the great support for Android apps. But, there are certain commands where touch doesn’t work effectively. Or, you can say it’s tricky to perform touch to execute such commands. One of them is closing a tab in Chrome. Sometimes, users have to tap six or more times on a Chrome tab to close it. Instead of making the process seamless, the touch makes it infuriating for the users. 

Moving to the hardware of touch screen laptops, it often falls short. The screen wobbles up on a lot of Windows laptops and Chromebooks but it becomes very obvious on the touch screen laptops. Unfortunately, users don’t get a premium experience. 

We mentioned the glossy display of touch screen laptops as an advantage. But, sometimes and for some users, glossy displays create a huge problem for the users. They find it difficult to see in the bright light. 

Touch screen laptops are still popular but it depends on different factors. For example, they are popular amongst graphic designers and artists but not amongst business owners who have to click and work on several files simultaneously. Business owners are unable to use the calculator if its size is very small. So, you shouldn’t decide the popularity of touch screen laptops based on some section of the population.

Some of the popular touch screen laptops in the market 

HP Spectre x360

The touch screen laptop comes with more powerful components like Intel Iris Plus graphics and 10th Generation Intel Core processors. Also, the laptop features amazing Bang & Olufsen speakers and extra security. If you are concerned about aesthetics along with overall quality and performance, the HP Spectre x360 touch screen laptop is for you.

Dell XPS 13

No matter how many brands are there, Dell XPS 13 holds the highest position in the list of best touch screen laptops. Even today, it’s in the same position. This touch screen laptop comes with reliable performance and all-day battery life as well as a streamlined design. The only disadvantage is its price. But, the thing is every cent is worth it. 

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