Undeniably, Cisco is a worldwide renowned brand that many professionals and businesses choose when it comes to buying networking hardware. However, for companies and startup owners, Cisco is not the only option to create a powerful and reliable networking infrastructure. Juniper routers and devices can help you make a great start with your networking project.

Juniper Routers Continue to Be The Preferred Choice of Countless Businesses.

You might be in the awe of the fact that Cisco was worth more than $500 billion during the dot-com bubble, which made it the world’s most valuable company.

However, Juniper Networks made a powerful entry into the market and cornered 37 percent of the service provider market with its extensive and exclusive line of core routers in the early 2000s, challenging Cisco’s once-dominant market share.

Juniper Routers are Core Routers with Powerful Functionality and High Reliability.

Juniper offers a wide range of firewall routers, router cards, router modules, and other router services, including remote and branch class routers and multi-service edge routers that can scale based on requirements. Juniper routers are known to offer proven stability to some of the world’s largest high-performance networks.

All Juniper routers use JUNOS operating system. Meaning, you can buy Juniper routers as per your requirements and enjoy full compatibility with large enterprise solutions.

They are used and implemented in a range of industries, such as computer software, telecommunications, information technology services, hospital and healthcare, financial services, government administration, higher education, retail, banking, and computer hardware.

The high demand for Juniper routers in so many industries clearly reflects that these routers are very powerful and reliable.

Juniper Routers Are Known for their Speed, Simplicity, and Flexibility.

Juniper routers are built to send data to where it is intended as fast as possible. It is achieved using custom Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). ASICs are electronic chips exclusively designed to do heavy lifting which is done otherwise in software. The Junos OS is smartly designed and its main advantage over Cisco’s Linux-based IOS is that Junos OS is based on FreeBSD which is known for its simplicity, flexibility, and modularity.

Only some high-end Cisco’s routers run IOS RX that comes with built-in modularity. On the other hand, Junos OS was intentionally built to allow individual processes to act as modules. Meaning, when one process crashes, it is not going to bring the entire OS and network down with it.

Junos OS is not only robust to crashes and bugs but also is more welcomed by the open-source community than that of Cisco’s IOS. This means when Juniper’s own software engineers leave a specific use-case unaccounted, the developer community jumps to do it by using the Junos OS SDK and APIs. Besides, Junos OS CLI can be integrated with Python with ease that boosts its power of network scripting and automation.

While the demand for Juniper routers has been fluctuating over all these years, Juniper is still the preferred choice of several thousands of companies when it comes to sourcing routers. 

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