A good alarm system is a must-have part of any reliable home security system if you want to enjoy peace of mind while you are away from your home. It helps you keep your family and your belongings safe from burglars, thieves, and criminals. That’s why many homeowners in the UAE now prefer to have SIRA alarm systems installed on their properties because these systems are worth every dollar. If you are also thinking about installing an alarm system in your home, you might have a question in your home: How much does it cost to install an alarm system at home?

In this blog, we will discuss the average cost of SIRA alarm systems in the UAE along with what to consider while installing an alarm system.

What is the cost of installing a home alarm system?

The cost of a home security system is broken down into three parts:

  • The cost of an alarm system
  • Home security system monthly costs
  • The costs of activation and installation

Now, let’s dig deeper and find out what is included in these three costs associated with alarm systems.

The Cost of Alarm System

It depends on what kind of alarm system you choose and which brand you choose. No two alarm systems from different brands are alike. While some alarm systems offer only basic functions, advanced alarm systems come with various other features and allow integration with other systems.

So, depending on what features you consider necessary and what you can afford to skip, you can choose a SIRA alarm system for your home.

The cost of a good alarm system can vary widely from $200 to $600 or higher for advanced ones. A basic starter kit of a home security system includes a central control panel, two or three door/window alarm sensors, a sire, and a motion detector.

Besides, you may also need to choose between a wireless system and a hardwired system. Some systems may also be a combination of wired and wireless technology. You can talk to a SIRA-approved installer to find out which is best suited based on your requirements and expectations.

Monthly Cost of an Alarm System

All home security systems include a monthly fee for monitoring services. The cost of alarm monitoring systems can vary between $10 and $15. The price can be lower or higher depending on the amount of equipment being monitored and how advanced the services associated with alarm systems are.

Activation and Installation Costs of Alarm Systems

To get your alarm system to work properly, you will need to pay a fee for installation and activation. The prices of alarm system activation and installation can vary between $200 and $300. In the UAE, make sure that you buy an alarm system from a SIRA-approved seller and hire only SIRA-approved professionals for its installation and activations.

Should I Hire a Professional or Try DIY for Alarm System Installation?

The cost and ease of alarm system installation will depend on the type of SIRA-approved alarm system you have bought. Most often, homeowners buy a comprehensive kit of home security systems such as Wi-Fi cameras, alarms, smart locks, and door and window sensors. While door and window sensors are great for the ones who live on the lower floor of a building, the alarm is raised locally so that even the neighbors are notified.

These days, smart home security systems are becoming more popular in the UAE where all one needs to do is give out commands. A smart lock notifies you via an app notification instantly if the front door is opened. In fact, people are becoming accustomed to asking Google Home or Alexa to lock the front door. What’s more, now, there are systems that you can configure to activate when you say ‘good night’ out loud.

Since the security of your loved ones and belongings is the top priority, it is better to choose to buy a smart home security system and hire a SIRA-approved security system installer to ensure that everything works fine.

Is Monitoring Necessary with Home Alarm Systems?

You can choose to have a monitored or unmonitored alarm system. While you may tempt to save on monitoring costs as you don’t have to pay for 24/7 professional monitoring with an inexpensive unmonitored system, installing an alarm system that comes with professional monitoring is a wiser decision. It’s because, with an unmonitored home security system, you have no one to call emergency services if an intruder breaks into your home while you are away.

So, you can choose a self-monitored security system that sends a notification to a specified list of people if a sensor is triggered by anything and allows you to monitor your home remotely with your smartphone.

In an advanced home security system, an alarm sounds if a sensor is triggered and the monitoring center informs emergency services after evaluating the situation. However, with such a system, expect to pay a significantly higher monthly fee. Many companies also offer annual contracts or three-year contracts for monitoring services.

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