Every laptop user knows about Dell. And nothing is surprising in it because Dell is one of the oldest and most popular laptop brands. The number of laptop models manufactured by Dell since its establishment is huge. Also, the performance and overall quality of the laptops are incomparable. Simply said, you won’t regret it after buying a Dell laptop. Your investment will be worth it. 

In every way, the Dell laptops are perfect. But, people are a bit doubtful about Dell gaming laptops. They don’t know if it’s right to buy a Dell laptop for gaming purposes. And this is because Dell laptops are mostly used professionally. 

We already said that all the Dell laptops are popular for their performance. So, there is nothing to be doubtful about them for a gaming purpose. They will work effectively and give a perfect gaming experience. 

The two popular lines of Dell gaming Laptops are:

DellAlienware gaming laptops

Considered one of the best laptops for gaming in the industry today, the Dell Alienwaredevices are available in a range of screen sizes and form factors. 

More features are:

  • An all-magnesium chassis, allowing for smaller, more portable products as well as providing superior tensile strength for greater durability.
  • Narrow bezels, give a more immersive experience by maximizing the screen. 
  • Latest Intel Core 19 processors, and NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics cards, deliver the power, speed and responsiveness demanded by the competitive gamers. 
  • Advanced Alienware Cryo-Tech and Hyper-Efficient Voltage Regulation, keeping the systems cool, and enabling GPUs and CPUs to run at the highest levels for extended periods. 
  • FHD screens with refresh rates up to 360 Hz, enabling the fastest gameplay and providing an aesthetically pleasing gaming experience. 

Dell GSeries gaming laptops

With a range of gaming laptops, the Dell G series offers what players of every level and ability look for. 

More features are:

  • The latest generation of Intel processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards, deliver heart-pounding power and split-second responsiveness. 
  • FHD screens with refresh rates up to 144 Hz, offering smooth, fluid visuals free of stutter and screen tearing 
  • A dual-fan cooling system dissipates heat to keep the systems responsive and cool during intense gameplay. 
  • Killer Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, ensuring blazing-fast speed and minimal lag for smooth network traffic. 
  • Thin, sophisticated designs, provide an unforgettable look and feel. 
  • HTC VR-optimizable and Oculus-ready Alienware technology 

Why should you buy Dell gaming laptops?

Other than the features discussed above, you should buy Dell gaming laptops because of the following 3 major reasons:

You will get expert technical support

Every laptop brand offers technical support. But, with Dell, the technical support is very different. Here, you will get multiple levels of support customized for

every type of laptop. The company resolves issues and questions quickly with real-fast, real-time, real-person support 24/7. The best part is that the issues are resolved by experienced experts. 

You will get the best price match and price guarantee 

Dell follows a Price Match policy, meaning you will get the best deal for your Dell laptop. As per the policy, Dell will match the price if you find a lower advertised price on the internet for an identical Dell or equivalent product. The best thing is that the company will refund the difference if you find a lower price on your Dell product within 30 days after your invoice date. No company has this policy. 

You might have understood that a Dell Laptop is good for gaming. So, undoubtedly, you should pick up a model based on your requirements and gaming expectations. We are sure you will love and never regret your decision. 

Why should you consider buying the best gaming laptop?

If you are still doubtful about a Dell gaming laptop, you should consider the following parameters. You should evaluate your selection on the same. 

Your laptop should have the latest graphics cards 

With the latest graphics cards, gaming laptops don’t perform as expected. It is said that the better your graphic card, the more impressive your visuals will be. You can boost the total gaming performance by linking two or more graphic cards. The configuration increases the available frame rate and provides more depth and detail. 

Your laptop should have high RAM

High RAM is one of the major requirements of all laptops. This becomes more crucial in gaming laptops. 8GB RAM is adequate but it’s better to choose a gaming laptop with 16GB of RAM as it will handle heavy-duty gaming titles. 

Your laptop should have a combination of hard drives 

Every laptop comes with solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs). In gaming laptops, SSDs are usually found because they are much faster. They improve the gameplay speed. But, the better option is a combination of SSDs and HDDs. SSD drive delivers faster load times and HDD drive stores the bulk gaming data. 

Your laptop should have a faster CPU

For game-related calculations, the CPU of your laptop is very critical. It handles calculations like physics and AI. A CPU is very crucial for the performance of the GPU. If the GPU is powerful but the CPU isn’t working, your gaming laptop will be of no use. You should look for the latest generation CPU with higher clock speeds and multiple cores. 

Your laptop should have screens with fast refresh rates

Refresh rates mean the number of times per second that images are redrawn on the screen. You should look for a laptop with higher refresh rates so that it delivers a visual experience free of screen tearing and stuttering. Usually, there are gaming laptops with a 60Hz refresh rate but you should prefer refresh rates of 120Hz. 

A Dell laptop is good for gaming. So, go get it now. To know more about Dell gaming laptops, get in touch with us via WhatsApp at +971585811786.