You bought Dahua Cameras to secure your business premises and ensure the safety of your employees. But, the problem is you are unable to view your cameras on your computer. The only configuration available to you is on your smartphone. 

Today, people love easy accessibility to everything. Similarly, they want to check the images and videos captured by the cameras everywhere and every time. This is why cameras are configured for smartphones and other electronic devices. But, when it’s about keeping an eye on business premises, checking the images and videos only on smartphones will not work. The captured content should be accessible through the computer as well.

If you want to view the incidents captured in Dahua cameras on your computer, you should get Dahua SmartPSS. 

What is Dahua SmartPSS? How does it help in viewing Dahua Cameras on the computer?

Dahua SmartPSS is defined as full-featured video surveillance software that is used on Windows PC for the users who have installed Dahua IP Camera and other Dahua surveillance systems such as Video Intercom, Access Control System, and so on. 

This software integrates all Dahua camera and storage devices into the easy-to-navigate interface. Other than easy navigation on the computer, the Dahua SmartPSS software provides device management, video monitoring, playback, alarm, and analytic configuration as well as video wall setup and preview. 

What are the key functions of Dahua SmartPSS?

Configuration-The software makes it easy to add devices to the management interface. After the addition of the devices, the software provides an interface to configure the network parameters, camera video, audio settings, and live and playback display options. 

Access and video Intercom Control- The software supports device acccess configuration and management, video intercom, and time attendance devices straightaway from the user interface. It allows a user to manage other users and permissions for access control.

Smart Search- The software allows the operator to specify a region in the playback video to search for a motion detection event, saving time and workforce. 

Intelligent Video System (IVS)- The Dahua SmartPSS displays the real-time IVS features built-in to Dahua network cameras. As an analytic algorithm, the Intelligent Video System (IVS) delivers an intelligent function that monitors for intrusion detection and abandoned or missing objects. The software also supports face detection technology that identifies human faces in digital images. Then, it searches the identified human faces in the database. 

Multi-language On-screen Display- Viewing Dahua cameras on a computer becomes easy with Dahua SmartPSS because its On-screen display menu supports 34 languages and allows multiple image adjustments and function settings. 

How should you use Dahua SmartPSS on your computer to view Dahua Cameras?

Step 1: Download the latest version of the Dahua SmartPSS and install it on your computer following the given guidelines. 

Step 2: Once installed, click on the launch icon and let the software launch for the setup. 

Step 3: Enter the password for the Dahua SmartPSS. You are free to set any password on your own because the password is only for the software and not for the Dahua cameras and other surveillance systems 

Step 4: Set answers to the security questions, which you will need while resetting the password of the DahuaPSS software. These security questions are not applicable for resetting the password of the Dahua cameras. Don't ever forget the answers. 

Step 5: Log in to Dahua SmartPSS using your password

Step 6: Click on the “Add” button to add Dahua cameras. If there are other systems, add them too. Multiple logins are not required to add other surveillance systems. 

Step 7: Enter the information asked (make sure all the details are correct). One of the important pieces of information is the serial number of the device. You will find the serial number on the packaging box of your device. The usual format of the serial number is a 3D barcode. 

If you don’t have the packaging box, login into the Dahua Device to get the serial number. The steps to follow are: Setup, then Network, and last “P2P” or “Bonjour”. If you still don’t get the serial number, contact your Dahua device vendor for assistance. 

Step 8: After entering the details, you will see the status of the device as “online’. This means you have successfully added the device to SmartPSS. If the status doesn’t show “online”, you should recheck everything from the start. Also, check your configuration information. 

Step 9: Click on the “+” sign, which you will find on the top tab. Then, click on “Live View”

Step 10: Double click the Dahua camera or other added devices to watch. The live view after clicking on the device will appear on the right.  

Step 11: If you want to watch the video playback, you should click on “+” followed by the “Playback” button.

Step 12: After the Playback button, select the camera that you want to watch the playback video. Also, you should select the record type and start & end time. Last, you should click “Search”. After this, the playback video will appear. You can later change it to live view. 

Step 13: To change or reset the password of the Dahua Camera and other surveillance systems, click on the “+” button located on the top tab. Then, click on the “Device CFG”. 

Step 14: After “Device CFG”, click on the “System” button and follow the given steps to change or reset the password.

It’s easy to view Dahua cameras on your computer. So, you should invest in Dahua cameras unhesitantly for the security of your business premises. To buy cameras, call us at +97142409998 or send us a message on WhatsApp (+971585811786)