The game of original and fake laptop batteries is very old. To earn some extra bucks, people sell fake batteries in the name of the original batteries, creating problems for the users. And users feel great when they get laptop batteries easily and at a discounted price.  

It’s good to get things at a lesser price but not the fake ones. For now, you will save money but the same thing will create problems for you in the long run. The story is similar to fake laptop batteries. 

What will happen if you use a fake laptop battery?

The role of a battery is to provide specific voltage at a certain current ampere level for which the laptop hardware is designed. There is a specified margin to which voltage and current output should be regulated. 

If you use a fake laptop battery, it will not provide the regulated output, adversely affecting the life of hardware components. Other than this, a fake battery damages the hardware of the laptop and leads to poor performance of the device. Also, a fake battery damages the motherboard or the hard disk and even catches fire easily. 

Most importantly, the fake laptop batteries lose the strength and capacity to hold charge sooner than the originals. You will have to continuously charge the laptop while using it, which is a bit risky. 

How should you find out that the battery is original?

First and most important, the overall look of an original battery will be very different from the fake battery like packaging, manuals, etc. In the original laptop battery, you will find the security seal on the box. The seal is proof of authenticity. 

The higher security structure and better quality of the original batteries are something that you won’t find in fake batteries.  

Genuine laptop batteries have 3D stickers and watermarks and they are tamper-proof. If you check the letters and printing on the package and the product, there will be a difference. The printing on the original laptop batteries is clean and readable while you will find lots of inconsistencies on the fake batteries. 

You should check all the points discussed above to ensure that you are buying an original laptop battery. Just keep in mind that there is no single way to identify the genuineness of the product. You should keep an eye on all the factors so that you face any problems while using your laptop. The product, the package, and every other thing should be checked before placing the order for the laptop battery to confirm genuinity.

Which laptop battery should you buy to ensure genuinity and protect your laptop?

All laptop batteries share some common characteristics that differentiate them from other batteries. Due to this, people randomly pick the batteries and use them in their laptops without considering their models and types. According to them, the battery should fit in the laptop and pass the right voltage for use. But, this is something that you shouldn’t do. 

If the model and the battery type are not right, your laptop will not function properly and there will be lots of glitches every time you use it. 

You should not fall for the tricks that sellers often do to increase their sales. They sell cheap laptop batteries saying that they have refurbished each battery and restored most of its useful life. Refurbishing a second-hand battery is possible but it’s costlier than the price of a new battery. So, you shouldn’t opt for discounted laptop batteries; instead, you should go for new batteries. This investment will be worth it. 

How should you prevent yourself from buying a fake laptop battery?

Your intuition is not so strong as to spot a fake laptop battery. Even after considering the factors or points discussed in the last section, you might end up buying a fake laptop and suffer the consequences. To overcome this, the only thing that you should do is to be a bit extra careful while buying a laptop battery. And for that, you should consider the following points:

Buy from a store-

No matter what, you should buy the laptop battery from the store and the roadside sellers. We don’t say that all roadside sellers are wrong but their existence is doubtful. Chances are that you might not find the seller next time you visit the same place.  

If you buy the laptop battery from a store, you can complain to the store owner if anything goes wrong. You can claim a refund or email them complaining about the battery. In most cases, owners take the case seriously because it’s about their reputation in the market.

Buy from a brand for replacement-

Battery replacement is the time when people get fooled easily by the seller because they often look for the cheapest option. As already said, you shouldn’t consider price over quality. 

For battery replacement, you should buy from your brand stores only because the batteries here are original. Or, you should deal with the sellers who are authorized by the brands to sell their products. 

Brand logo-

Every laptop battery comes with a brand logo on it. Also, the placement of the logo on the battery is different for different brands. You should check both the brand logo and its placement on the battery before buying. Even if there is a minor difference, you shouldn’t buy it because original batteries never come with any difference. 

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