As a networking and communication products and services specialist, CISCO System Inc. offers courses to IT professionals so that they have the necessary knowledge to support CISCO. After getting CISCO certified, the professionals install, maintain, and troubleshoot large or small networks or a branch of the enterprise network. Other than this, they implement basic network security protocols. In simple terms, CISCO certification advances the knowledge of the professionals that they utilize in different ways to develop their careers. 

The company offers certification at four levels:

  • Entry-level 
  • Associate level 
  • Professional level 
  • Expert level 

Other than the core levels, the CISCO provides a specialist level in several areas. The majority of certifications fall into the category of either network infrastructure or software development. Other specializations are also available but their demand is comparatively less. 

What’s the process of CISCO certification fulfillment?

Every exam that passed CISCO learning equals a specialist certification. It means your level in the IT industry will increase after completing the course offered by the company. This is why the processing of each course is handled and completed properly.  

After you pass your certification exam, you will receive an email within 24 hours, advising you on what to do next. You should complete the steps to begin the fulfillment process. Based on the given details, the company will proceed further. 

To maintain and keep everything at the tip of the finger, the company processes using the Certification Tracking System. CISCO records exam and certificate status on the tracking system for the professionals to see. But, the tracking system will be workable only if you keep your contact information up to date. You will receive notifications about your certification if the contact details are correct. 

On receiving the certificate, you get the authority to use the CISCO logo associated with the specific certification you have achieved. But before you use the logo, read and acknowledge the CISCO Certifications Logo Agreement. You can download the logo from your profile within the Certifications Tracking System. 

CISCO Certifications Tracking System 

The tracking system plays an important role in the CISCO certification fulfillment process. Without the tracking system, you cannot update your details for notifications, check the status of the certification, download the certificate and logo, and others. In simple terms, the certification exam for you will not be worth it because CISCO doesn’t cater to individual candidates without the details on the tracking system. So, you need to know how to use the CISCO certifications tracking system

Steps to log on to the tracking system 

  • Whether you are a new or existing user, visit the login page www. 
  • Enter the test ID or CISCO ID, your password, and then click on the Login button. If you are a new user, set up a password for future access.                

Steps to create a password for new users 

  • You will find a hyperlink under the Register. Click on the link to create your password. 
  • Enter your Registration ID and last name as mentioned on the score report received from the test center. 
  • Click on the Create Password button and move to the next page that will ask you to create the password. The password should be case-sensitive and contain a minimum of 4 English characters. 
  • After typing the password, click on the Create Password button. Your password will be created. You can try if your password is working or not by following the login steps discussed above. 

Steps to recover your password if you forget 

  • Visit the login page and click on the Forgot Password link, which is located below the Login and Need a Hint button. 
  • Enter your email address and click on the Submit button
  • If your email ID exists in the database, you will receive your Login ID and password on your email instantly. You should log in using the same. If you want, you can change the password received for future access and security perspective. 

Steps to update your contact information 

  • Visit the Personal Information page on the tracking system to update your contact details. 
  • Enter your current address, email address and company name, and other details as required, and click on the Update/Verify button. You will find this button at the button of the page. 
  • If you have missed the mandatory fields while entering the details, the system will display an alert message as a reminder to you. You should provide all the details to process the request of updating your contact information. 

Steps to change the password

  • Visit the Personal Information page and click on Change Password
  • Enter the new password as per the guidelines and click on the Change Password button. 

Steps to subscribe or unsubscribe from the CISCO notifications

It’s good to be subscribed for CISCO notifications so that you receive all the important information quickly and easily. But, if you think the notifications are unnecessary and are disturbing you, unsubscribe. 

  • Visit the Personal Information page and click on the Opt-In/Opt-Out button. 
  • You will be asked questions to confirm if you want to receive notifications from CISCO or not. You should answer them as per your preference. 
  • If you have answered YES, you should select the format in which you like to receive your notification emails. 
  • Click on the Update/Verify button to complete the process. 

Steps to review test history or track an exam 

  • Visit the Test History section. Here, you will find the record of the most recent exam to the oldest exam. 
  • You will find the certificates of the exams along with if the exams require a particular certification at the time when the exam was taken. 
  • Go to for more details. 

Steps to find out when your certificate was mailed

  • Go to the Test History page and click on certificate status.
  • The Certificate Status page displayed will show which certificate was mailed, when it was mailed, and if it was returned by the postal service. 
  • If you have not received the certification and it has been more than 8 weeks from the date the certificate was mailed, use the Certifications Online Support tool at and submit an online request. Verify your details before submitting the request.

Steps to check the certification process or expiration of the certificate 

  • Visit the Certification Progress section and click on the certification group you wish to review. 
  • The color-coded boxes on each track denote the status of the current certification. 

CISCO certification adds value to your resume. But, make sure you complete it properly, following all the guidelines. 

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