Using a laptop without a battery is challenging. There is an option to keep your laptop plugged in and use it as long as you want. But, what about using your laptop in fields or any location where an electric connection isn’t available? Unfortunately, your laptop will be of no use if its battery isn’t working or doesn’t have a good backup. The battery will get discharged soon and your work will halt. 

The battery is an important element of your laptop. So, you should try everything to increase its life, not just for a day but for the long term. It will not only increase your productivity but also improve the performance of your laptop. Most importantly, it will save you money on frequent battery replacement. 

In this post, we will discuss a few simple tips to make your laptop battery last longer. 

Make adjustments in the display settings

Even a few minor display settings can bring a major difference in the life of your laptop battery. Your laptop will be charged for much longer. You should turn your brightness down to the point where you don’t strain your eyes.

Other than this, you should switch your vibrant background to dark colors or just a black screen because it unnecessarily consumes energy every time you switch ON the laptop. Lastly, you should adjust your screen in a way that it turns off automatically after a certain amount of time. 

Don’t keep your laptop plugged in 24/7

Many laptop users have a habit of charging their laptops 24/7, even if they are using them. This is carelessness. But, this carelessness negatively impacts the laptop battery. The battery gets overcharged, which is not safe for you as well as your laptop. 

According to laptop experts, the battery should never be at full charge or no charge at all. Both conditions are unacceptable. You shouldn’t keep your laptop plugged in all day and use it until it dies. The best charging range is between 50-80%. 

Shut down the laptop at the end of the day 

Many laptop users just pull the flap down at the end of the day so that they don’t waste time turning it ON the next day. They can immediately start the work. This benefits you and not your laptop as it doesn’t get time to resort. The CPU keeps working, impacting the charging capability of the battery. 

By turning off your laptop at the end of the day, you will get the longest lifespan out of your battery. It will clear any applications and other excess information that has built up throughout the day. And thus, you will get a fresh start in the morning. 

Keep your operating system up-to-date 

No matter which laptop you are using, the operating system should be up-to-date. You should have the latest version of the operating system. It’s because an old operating system often has bugs that cause your laptop battery to drain faster. 

With the latest update, you get patches to fix bugs. So, whenever your laptop notifies you to install an update, you should ignore or delay it. 

Keep the laptop at a good temperature

We know that the laptop battery gets too hot after working for hours on it. This is not right as it impacts its charging capability. 

Often, the battery gets heated when you use the laptop on the bed because of the uneven surface. The airflow underneath gets blocked. You should keep the laptop on a flat, hard surface while surface so that airflow doesn’t get blocked. This will ensure that your laptop battery will stay charged for longer. 

Unplug or turn off the things, not in use 

There are many additional things that you need to work on your laptop. Without them, using a laptop might be impossible. But, by turning off these things when not in use will have a significant impact on the life of your laptop battery. 

A few things are sound, backlight on your keyword, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, wireless mouse, thumb drives, the external keyboard, and external hard drives. They use battery power when plugged in even if not in use. 

Exit out of the unused and highly intense app

You use an app and leave the page without exiting. A normal app might not create any issues for the battery. But, if the app is highly intense, it will unnecessarily use up lots of energy and drain your battery faster. 

If you aren’t using an app, you should shut it down immediately. You shouldn’t wait for the final shutdown of your laptop at the end of the day. Also, you should limit the use of highly intense apps such as games and editing software. 

Turn off auto updates and notifications 

Updates are important but not all the updates. Many laptop users keep the auto-update ON so that they don’t miss out on anything. This will keep your system updated but drain the energy of the laptop. Your setting should be such that applications get updated when the laptop is plugged into a power source. 

No matter how many websites you are using and how important their notifications are, you should keep them off. For every notification, the laptop has to constantly refresh, draining the battery power. This happens even if you aren’t using the website. 

To use your laptop effectively and efficiently, follow the tips discussed in this post and help your battery to last longer. If the battery fails, your laptop will fail. 

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