Which camera is better for your surveillance system – wired, Wi-Fi, or wireless? ? Each camera has its pros and cons when it comes to deployment and overall performance, and flexibility. For example, WiFi and wireless security cameras have great advantages over wired security cameras in terms of deployment and flexibility, but they don’t come without drawbacks. Either can be the right choice for your needs depending on your specific purpose and how do you want to deploy your system.

In this post, we will talk about wired, Wi-Fi, and wireless security cameras and what are their pros and cons to help you make a well-informed decision. These traditional and modern surveillance solutions are available for both residential and commercial settings, and you can pick the ones that best suit your personal or business requirements.

Wired Security Cameras

These are the traditional CCTV cameras used for surveillance and security purposes at homes, offices, and industrial places. As the name implies, wired cameras require a wired connection for both the power connection and the internet network. They are in use for decades and are still a preferred choice where simple and secure connections are possible due to limited resource availability. Sometimes you need separate cords to connect your network and power router but a lot of modern wired security cameras require PoE (Power over Ethernet) cables to establish both the connections.


  • Wired security cameras provide a more stable connection than Wi-Fi and wireless options.
  • Wired cameras maintain better connectivity over the internet network. There will be no or fewer signal drops due to a weaker internet connection.
  • Wired cameras are more reliable and secure as they are plugged directly into the network.
  • They provide more consistent quality while recording videos and images.
  • Your wired security cameras will keep running with a constant power supply with a traditional electrical outlet.
  • You don’t need to pay for monthly cloud storage as everything can be stored in a local storage drive.
  • Wired cameras are harder to steal due to physical connection.


  • Wired camera installation can be a hassle and challenging and require professional assistance and support throughout the installation process.
  • They don’t provide flexibility as you can’t move them easily to another place after the installation.
  • Wired cameras may have older technology and user interfaces. They usually don’t have as advanced and modern mobile apps, and software solutions as wireless cameras do have.
  • All those wires and cords can be very messy in your office or home.
  • If you live in an area where power outages or blackouts are a frequent issue, wired cameras may not be the right option for surveillance purposes.

Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Wi-Fi security cameras offer more flexibility and freedom than wired cameras. They operated over a Wi-Fi internet connection and don’t require any wired network connection for data transmission. However, they use a power cord for the connection with the power source. Wi-Fi security cameras are easy to install and the most widely used surveillance cameras in residential and commercial facilities. All you need is a Wi-Fi router to establish an internet connection with your cameras for data connectivity and transmission.


  • The simple and fast installation process in any infrastructure setting. Wired network connections are not required, and you can place them almost anywhere where a power outlet is available.
  • They come with flexibility and portability advantages as you can easily transport and install them to some other place in your facility if there is any change in plan for your surveillance strategy. As long as you have a strong network connection, you can install them at any place as per your requirements.
  • Wi-Fi security cameras are designed to offer a great level of cyber security in a highly-secured architecture system.
  • Wi-Fi surveillance cameras may have smart features like virtual assistance for remote operation with smart home systems like Alexa and Google Assistance.


  • Connectivity can be the only downside of a Wi-Fi security camera due to an over-the-air network connection. Wired connections are more stable and reliable than Wi-Fi connections. Poor internet quality could result in poor video quality and data transmission.
  • Like the wired camera, the operation of the Wi-Fi camera can also be affected due to power outages and blackouts.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras don’t use any wires at all for power and network connections. They use removable or rechargeable batteries for power requirements and run over on a Wi-Fi connection for their operations. You can deploy a completely wire-free set up to avoid those messy setups with wore and cords. These are the most advanced surveillance cameras available in the market with many smart features and applications.


  • You can put a wireless camera wherever you need a digital eye for surveillance purposes at a commercial or residential facility.
  • Very easy to install and set up over a Wi-Fi network. You don’t need to put them near a power outlet as they run on a self-contained power source.
  • Wire-free security cameras are fully portable, and you can place them anywhere you want for any specific and emergency surveillance solution.


  • You have to recharge or replace the batteries of your wireless cameras depending on which model you have.
  • As you will require cloud storage for data keeping, you have to bear a monthly cloud fee.
  • Like the Wi-Fi cameras, wireless cameras also have connectivity issues due to poor internet connections.
  • They are easier to steal than wired or Wi-Fi cameras.

So, which camera is ideal for your situation depends on various factors such as the location of camera deployment, network & power connection availability, and your surveillance objective. You can purchase some of the most reliable and secure surveillance cameras online at IT Network Technologies at the best prices. We are a reputed dealer of computer and networking devices and accessories in the UAE and provide complete IT business solutions to our clients in the region. If you are looking for surveillance cameras and accessories at a reasonable price in Dubai, call +97142409998 or Whatsapp on +971585811786 to get details and pricing. The service lines are available 24/7.