Should I Choose SonicWall Firewall for My Business?

Looking forward to installing a firewall to safeguard data and applications of your Dubai business? You may find SonicWall the best firewall solution for your enterprise! Though there is no such thing like a perfect firewall, a highly advanced and feature-rich firewall can provide more protection than basic firewalls. Sometimes, to fill the gaps, you may need more than one type of firewall. When buying a hardware firewall, SonicWall is counted among the top choices.

If you are new to the world of firewalls, let’s pause for a moment and let us help you understand the concept of a firewall.

What is a firewall?

Consider a firewall as a safety guard of your building who is appointed to monitor and control the entry and exit on your premises. In the same way, a firewall safeguards your business network and data by monitoring and controlling the network traffic that enters or leaves your network.

Why does a small business need a firewall?

A firewall is crucial for every business that uses network connectivity as cyber threats are getting more common than ever. While small businesses think that they won’t get under the radar of scammers and ransomware attackers because of their size, the latest statistics are telling a different story.

According to a recent survey, 61 percent of all SMBs have reported at least one cyber-attack in 2021.

A Cisco study revealed that about 40 percent of small businesses faced a severe cyber attack that led to at least eight hours of downtime last year.

What’s more, it is found that cybercriminals can penetrate 93 percent of company networks.

If this isn’t enough, the news of businesses suffering 50 percent more cyber-attack attempts per week last year is enough to stagger anyone.

The major industries that are most targeted by cyber attackers include:
• Education/Research sector (an increase of 75 percent)
• Healthcare sector (an increase of 71 percent)
• ISP/MSP (an increase of 67 percent)
• Communications (an increase of more than 51 percent)
• Government and military sector (an increase of 47 percent)

While large businesses often make news of breaches, small and medium businesses are an easier target of cyber attackers because of the lack of security and expertise.

How does a firewall work?

Firewalls prevent your company network and data from being breached or accessed by unauthorized entities. They define and isolate inbound threats so that these threats cannot breach your data or get access to your network.

The old versions of firewalls were designed to only check if a data packet follows the rules and see if the address is safe and authorized. On the other hand, next-generation firewalls are more sophisticated and can provide higher protection. They can even see the contents of the mail to check if anything is malicious.

Thus, the use of modern firewalls helps you keep out viruses, malware, and other malicious programs and keep confidential data from being leaked out. This feature is greatly beneficial for your employees as it prevents your employees from sharing sensitive data unless authorized to do so.

Why buy SonicWall firewall?

SonicWall is a renowned firewall brand and great for Dubai businesses that want to implement next-generation firewalls to safeguard their networks and data. SonicWall is highly efficient at preventing evasive threats, blocking attacks, and keeping your company network intact. The firewalls offered by SonicWall come in a wide range to meet the different needs of businesses and to fit different budgets. Its firewalls make an ideal choice if you are starting to bolster the protection of your network and data. Besides, its firewalls are easy to configure and manage.

What are the pros and cons of SonicWall?

To help you make an informed decision, we are sharing the pros and cons of firewalls offered by SonicWall. Let’s check them out!

Pros of SonicWall

  • SonicWall Is Easy to Manage.

This is the foremost reason why many businesses prefer to implement SonicWall products because its firewalls are easy to manage and configure.

  • SonicWall Is Customizable.

The firewall that you can customize to your specific needs is highly desirable. SonicWall firewalls are customizable, allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate firewalls into their networks and processes.

  • SonicWall Is Rich in Features.

SonicWall firewall products come with extensive features that SMBs can profit from. SonicWall firewalls allow connectivity to remote networks of businesses that utilize multiple VPN technologies and User Content Filtering with its Gateway Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, and Intrusion Prevention Services.

Apart from firewall protection, its firewalls come with the following features:
• Wireless network security
• Remote access security
• Remote access management
• Email security
• Threat detection and diagnosis
• WAN acceleration
• Alerts & notifications
• Sandbox
• Analytics & reports
• Consistent Support

Cons of SonicWall

  •  Hardware/Licensing Cost

The cost of hardware/licensing is a bit higher than many of its competitors. However, with the increasing cyber threat, this cost is minimal that you can pay for the level of protection it offers.

  • Learning Curve

SonicWall launches frequent updates as it is also being evolved to tackle the constantly evolving cyber threats, which it should. Some updates can alter the user interface and, as with all things new, the learning curve matters when employees are faced with a new user interface. However, when your employees get stuck, you can always count on SonicWall’s support.

With so many impressive features and a few cons that are easy to not be obsessed with, SonicWall has become the first choice for firewall protection for small businesses in Dubai. If you also want to buy SonicWall Firewalls and need assistance, please connect with us via WhatsApp: +971585811786