The cheque printing industry has evolved really well over the years. You can remember waiting for weeks to finally receive your cheques from the bank. Since everything has gone digital; you can use any cheque printing software to get your cheques printed immediately after few clicks. 

As a business owner, you might need to get your cheques printed as soon as possible and you might be wondering about how to get the work done. This brief guide can help you to know more about check printing. Here we go!

Requirements for cheque printing

If you are looking ahead to print your cheque on your own then you need to gather the following materials before you begin:

  • Good cheque printing software- modern cheques printing software can help you in printing customized cheques that suit your brand and business the best. They make your work much easier and you can add both personal and professional touch to your cheque with good software.


  • Good quality stock paper- you cannot use ordinary paper for cheque printing. Make sure you use thick stock paper of high quality to avoid any forgery. 


  • Magnetic Ink Characters- MICR or Magnetic Ink Characters are special characters used to make texts or data readable for computers. 


  • Thermochromatic ink- this special type of magnetic ink is used in cheque printing for safety reasons. 


  • Ideal printer- domestic printers might not be able to help you in cheque printing. You will need industrial printers to handle heavy cheque printing.

You must conduct a cost-benefit analysis before you consider purchasing cheque printing material. Owning cheque printing equipment can incur a loss if you have a small business but it is very useful for a large-scale business holder and you can save huge printing costs. 

Now that you know everything you require before beginning with the process, you might be wondering about the steps involved in the process. These are some simple steps in cheque printing:

1.  Analyze if you actually need to invest in your own cheque printing or you want to outsource them from another printing company.

2.  Design your cheque in the most effective manner. It must be readable for machines. Try to align it best with the image of your company. Avoid any legal issues. 

3.  Adding Details is a very essential part of your cheque. Make sure to add the important details such as cheque value, A/c number, routing number, and other such professional details.

4. Information incorporation is a very important part of cheque printing. Don’t miss out on any information and remember to place them right.

5. Check the accuracy of the information before you finally go ahead with printing. Verify everything well and look for omissions.

6. Print your cheque and ensure that everything is printed well and correctly. This is very important before you finally mail your cheques. 

In case you are considering professional cheque printers to get your work done; there are many cheque printing companies available in the market to help you. These companies are specialists in cheque printing which ensures professional results. 

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Happy printing!