It can be a challenging task to balance support for business-critical applications and devices while securing them. Fortinet switches provide a safety-essential method to Ethernet networking. You can configure and secure your switch ports in a few clicks by incorporating Ethernet switch management into the Fortigate deployment via FortiLink.

What is an Ethernet Switch?

It connects wired devices such as servers, laptops, and computers to a local area network. Several Ethernet switch ports allow for high-speed connectivity and an efficient approach across many devices simultaneously.

Fortinet switches online can form networks and employ numerous ports to communicate between devices in the LAN. Ethernet switches are not similar to routers, which link networks and use a lone WAN and LAN port.

Here are a few things Ethernet Switches can do for your Network:

When correctly installed, integrated, and managed, Ethernet switches can offer many benefits, such as:

  • Fewer network downtime
  • Better network performance and improved available bandwidth on the network
  • Getting rid of pressure on individual computing devices
  • Defending the overall corporate network with more robust security
  • Correct-sizing IT infrastructure and planning for future expansion

Most business networks support a group of wired and wireless technologies. By using the Fortinet switches, you can connect many devices to a network. You can also supervise traffic, manage communications among machines, firmly operate user access, and quickly troubleshoot.

Today, switches come in many different options. It means businesses can almost always find a right-sized solution for their network. These range from basic unmanaged network switches with plug-and-play connectivity to feature-rich Gigabit Ethernet switches that deliver high speeds.

Fortinet Switches Models

To address the needs from the access layer to the data center, Fortinet Switches come in a variety of models. You can manage and configure all models directly from the FortiGate.

1. Fortinet Fortiswitch 108E-POE

The Fortinet Switch 108E is Fortinet’s entry-level managed switch.

Features of the 108E-POE

Fortinet switch 108E-POE is simple to set up and operate. Through FortiLink (an exclusive management tool), the 108E-POE switch is securely integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric. One of the best features of Fortinet 108E is that you can quarantine devices that compromise your network.

Ports on the Fortinet switch 108E-POE can change to an individual interface. So, you can manage each port separately. The switch contains 48 ports with POE and FPOE options.

The 108E-POE is an excellent choice for busy, converged network settings. With Fortinet switches, data, voice, and wireless traffic dash across a network safe and fast.


The Fortinet 108E-POE supports 4K VLANs and has 32 MB of flash storage. These secure access switches deliver excellent performance and security. Moreover, they improve productivity for next-gen applications by increasing network access.

2. Fortinet Switch 124E

This switch is a secure Ethernet solution with excellent performance. The 124E switches are ideal for small-medium businesses. Also, it is easy to manage from the FortiGate interface.

Features of the Fortinet 124E

The 124E integrates securely into the Fortinet Security Fabric through FortiLink. It enables any FortiGate firewall to control any Fortinet switch. Thus, the 124E combines directly into the Fortinet Security Fabric.

The Fortinet 124E is a single pane of glass interface. That offers complete visibility and control of users and devices on the networks regardless of the connectivity. Also, you can isolate devices that compromise the network.


The 124E has 24 GE RJ45 and 4 GE SFP ports. It delivers 56 Gbps of switch capacity and 83 Mbps packets per second. Moreover, it has 4 ms latency and supports 4000 VLANS.

The 124E is a great option for converged network environments, delivering data, voice, and wireless traffic across a single network. It is suitable for small to medium businesses and branch offices.

3. Fortinet Fortiswitch 224E

Fortinet switch 224E delivers a secure and scalable Ethernet solution for small to mid-sized businesses, distributed enterprises, and branch offices. You can directly manage the 224E from the FortiGate interface.

Security Fabric Integration

With security functions managed through a single console, you can reduce complexity and decrease management costs. The integration will enable you to be authenticated against the same user database, regardless if you connect to the wired or wireless network.

Moreover, the same security procedure can apply to a user or device no matter how and where they connect to the network.


•  Fortinet 224E switches are an excellent choice for wire closet and desktop installations
•  Before granting access to the network, the authentication of users and devices is necessary
•  Centralized safety control and reporting from FortiGate interface
•  Up to 48 ports in a compressed 1 RU form factor
•  Can stack up to 256 switches per FortiGate
•  Power over Ethernet capability
•  An excellent option for converged network environments, enable voice, data, and wireless traffic to be delivered across a single network

Wrapping Up

Today, networks are a crucial element for supporting businesses. Since Fortinet switches unite servers, computers, and printers seamlessly, you cannot build a business network without switches.

Fortinet switches online provide advanced attributes in easy-to-manage solutions, including enabling complete security traits without decelerating performance. To know more, WhatsApp us at (+971555038013) or call us at +97142409998.