In today's world, cybercriminals are becoming increasingly skilled and determined. With the rise of hybrid work in the post-COVID era, people, devices, and endpoints are scattered beyond the conventional boundaries of a firewall, making it more difficult to protect against them.

IT and security teams must now manage a vast array of devices, from remote workers' laptops and mobile devices to sensors, cameras, and IoT smart appliances. Everyone and everything must be protected.

As applications, data, devices, and people move through the network, security policies must be network-based, especially in hybrid work environments that require increased flexibility for those working outside of corporate headquarters. While businesses recognize the importance of network security, their efforts are not keeping pace.

Data is more vital than ever to modern businesses, making it increasingly essential to protect it and safeguard consumer privacy.

Large-sized vs. small and medium-sized businesses 

Large-sized businesses spend a huge amount to prevent cyber attacks and data breaches. They take several key IT steps to protect their network from cybercriminals and help their businesses to run smoothly. But, this isn’t possible for small and medium-sized businesses because they have tight budgets. They can only spend one or two things to protect their networks. 

If you are running a small and medium-sized business, Cisco firewalls would be a great choice for you. It’s because Cisco firewalls offer comprehensive security features, advanced networking features, flexibility, and scalability. Also, Cisco is a trusted brand that can be integrated with other Cisco products. 

Due to its popularity, Cisco has launched a wide range of firewalls in the market with distinctive features. In this post, we will discuss 10 Cisco firewalls popular amongst small and medium-sized businesses. 

Cisco Firepower 2100 Series

The Cisco Firepower 2100 Series is a group of four security platforms that prioritize threat defense to ensure business continuity. 

  • The Cisco FPR 2130 model is particularly noteworthy for its high performance when running advanced threat features. 
  • These platforms are unique in that they utilize a dual multicore CPU architecture that optimizes firewall, cryptographic, and threat inspection functions simultaneously. 
  • With a firewall throughput range that accommodates use cases from the Internet edge to the data center, the Cisco Firepower 2100 Series is versatile.
  • The platform is compliant with the Network Equipment Building Standard (NEBS). 
  • The FPR2130-NGFW-K9 denotes the Cisco Firepower 2130 NGFW Appliance, which features 1RU and 1 x Network Module Bays.

Cisco Firepower 2110 

The Cisco Firepower 2100 Series comprises four NGFW security platforms that specialize in threat defense to enhance business resilience. 

  • When advanced threat functions are enabled, the Cisco FPR 2110 offers outstanding sustained performance. 
  • The range of firewall throughput in this series caters to use cases that span from the Internet edge to the data center. 
  • The Cisco Firepower 2100 Series is compliant with the Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS). The FPR2110-NGFW-K9 refers to the Cisco Firepower 2110 NGFW Appliance that occupies a space of 1RU.

Cisco Firepower 1140

The Cisco Firepower 1140 NGFW Appliance, with 8 x RJ45, and 4 x SFP interfaces, is known as the FPR1140-NGFW-K9. 

  • The Cisco Firepower 1000 Series is composed of three NGFW security platforms that concentrate on threat defense to enhance business resilience. 
  • The Cisco Firepower 1140 performs exceptionally well when advanced threat functions are enabled. The series' throughput range caters to various use cases, from small offices, home offices, and remote branch offices to the Internet edge. 
  • The Cisco Firepower 1000 Series platforms run Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD).

Cisco ASA 5525 Firepower 

Cisco ASA5525-FPWR-K9 with FirePOWER Services is a unique next-generation security solution that enhances the security of the Cisco ASA 5500-X Series Next-Generation Firewalls. 

  • It offers complete protection against known and advanced threats, including targeted and persistent malware attacks. 
  • The Cisco ASA firewall is a widely adopted stateful firewall solution used in enterprises worldwide.

Cisco Firepower 1120

The Cisco Firepower 1000 Series features the FPR1120-NGFW-K9, a 1U NGFW appliance with 8 x RJ45, and 4 x SFP interfaces. 

  • This family of three threat-focused NGFW security platforms offers business resiliency through superior threat defense. 
  • When advanced threat functions are enabled, the Cisco FPR1120 delivers exceptional sustained performance. 
  • Its firewall throughput range is ideal for various use cases from small offices, home offices, and remote branch offices to the Internet edge.
  • Running on Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD), the 1000 Series platforms offer robust security measures to protect networks from potential threats.

Cisco Firepower 1010

The Cisco Firepower 1010 NGFW Appliance, with 8 x RJ45 interfaces, is part of the Cisco Firepower 1000 Series, a family of three next-generation firewalls (NGFW) security platforms that provide superior threat defense for business resilience. 

  • These platforms offer exceptional and consistent performance when advanced threat functions are enabled. 
  • They are designed to address use cases ranging from small offices and home offices to remote branch offices and the internet edge. 
  • The 1000 Series runs on the Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) platform.

These are the 6 Cisco firewall options for small and medium-sized businesses. But, this isn’t all. You will find many other Cisco firewalls in the market suitable for your small and medium-sized business. The only thing is that you should know your business requirements and budget before investing in Cisco firewalls. It’s because a wrong selection leads to lots of long-term problems, which are sometimes irrecoverable. 

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