Installing cameras for home security means having a little extra peace of mind. With cameras inside and outside of your home, you get an extra set of eyes for the entire day. If someone enters your home or damages something, you get the alert on your smartphone. Not only this, but many security cameras record the visuals for future reference. With this, you get to know that your family members and household things are safe. Most importantly, you can take the right step at the right time. 

A camera ensures home security. But, it’s only possible if you install the right type of camera. For this, you should know your requirements, your needed safety level, and your budget. Other than this, you should decide if the cameras will be supported by human security. Don’t be surprised because human security also plays an important role in the selection of cameras for home security. 

In the market, you will find different types of cameras with various features for home security. And undoubtedly, all of them are great, especially if they belong to reputable brands like Dahua, and others. But, to pick the right type of camera for home security, you should consider a few things. 

Choose between wired and battery-powered cameras

In the wired cameras, you will have to install an outlet or drill holes through your walls. Also, you will have to take care of the wires and replace them on time if they get damaged for the proper functioning of the cameras. The wired cameras might require extra attention every time. 

Regarding battery-operated cameras, you will have to recharge or change the batteries every few months. This might add to your monthly expenses. But, the thing is you don’t have to worry about anything else with battery-operated cameras. 

Choose a camera with a high resolution 

Cameras with resolutions less than 1080p are of no use. No matter what, the video or the image will not be clear. The security purpose will not be fulfilled. 

You will find security cameras in the market that can even record in 4K. Having this resolution means sharper quality. Everything in the video or image will be clear. The best part about these cameras is the zooming option. You can zoom in and check the stills clearly. 

Choose between local and cloud storage 

Without storage, cameras installed for home security will be useless because you won’t be available 24/7 to check them. You won’t be available to see what happened and how it happened at the right time. To check the4 details, storage is important. 

Here, the fight is between local and cloud storage. Cloud storage will give you easy accessibility from anywhere and at any time. But, you might have to pay for the same. Regarding local storage, many cameras come with memory card slots. But, if someone steals your camera, the stored data will be lost. If compared, cloud storage is a better and safer option. 

Apart from the points discussed above, you should prefer investing in a Sharjah Police-approved CCTV if you are staying in Sharjah. There are some guidelines defined by the Sharjah Police regarding security systems that the companies have to follow for high-level security.