Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products. We provide you various Hikvision products here, including network cameras, analog cameras, PTZ, network video recorders, digital video recorders, and others.


Hikvision is a leading name in the IT industry. It helps numerous sectors with its big cutting-edge data, artificial intelligence, and machine perception technologies, paving the way for the future of the Internet of Things.

The company manufactures a complete range of comprehensive products and solutions. The company has also expanded its reach outside the security sector to include the smart home, industrial automation, and automotive electronics sectors.

Furthermore, the company is expanding into robotics, automotive electronics, smart homes, intelligent storage, X-ray detection, fire security, infrared sensing and medical imaging to explore new avenues for long-term growth.

Hikvision Products and Solutions

Hikvision deals in network cameras, Hikvision bullet cameras, video recorders, storage systems, POE and Wifi Kits. Hikvision's high-quality products are in great demand in various sectors, including hotels, factories, education, retail, oil & gas, logistic, traffic and mining.

Why are Hikvision Products globally popular?

Hikvision is advancing multiple core technologies, including big data, multi-dimensional perception, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, imaging technologies, and video codec, with significant R&D expenditure.

Hikvision remains committed to imaging and video-related technologies and continues to lead the industry in various areas such as image defogging, smart rapid focus, image stabilization, high definition and low-light imaging.



Is Hikvision a Chinese Brand?

Yes, with its headquarters in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Hikvision is a state-owned Chinese producer and provider of video surveillance technology for civilian and military applications.

Is Hikvision a good brand?

HikVision offers a reasonably priced but dependable camera system. The products are easy to install and have simple steps to set up the software. Additionally, the HikVision provides consistent software upgrades.

Why are Hikvision Cameras so popular?

Hikvision Cameras are called the future of security cameras because of their exceptional features. They convert picture and audio input into data that can be transmitted via a secure internet connection.

Does Hikvision manufacture products only in China?

Hikvision has extensive in-house production capabilities, with over 1 million square meters of combined manufacturing area in Hangzhou, Tonglu, Chongqing, and Wuhan, China, as well as overseas manufacturing centers in India, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

About ITnetworks

ITnetworks offers a comprehensive selection of Hikvision physical security equipment, including video surveillance, access control, and alarm systems. We also offer integrated security solutions powered by AI technology to provide end customers with new applications and opportunities for safety management and business intelligence.

We extend our services and solutions to major countries, including UAE, Iran, Iraq, South Cuba, Russia, Sudan, the USA, Canada, the Middle East, Africa, Mexico, Peru, and Chile.

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