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Juniper Networks creates network experiences that revolutionize how people connect, as well as how they work and live.

Our solutions tackle the intrinsic complexity of the 5G and cloud eras, enabling them to power the connections that matter the most, including those in education, healthcare, and safe banking.

What does Juniper Network do?

Juniper Networks is a leader in networking technology, providing a wide range of products and services built on trusted expertise in routing, switching, security and management. Juniper Networks streamlines network operations and delivers exceptional user experiences.

What does a Juniper switch do?

A Juniper switch is a network device that connects devices and networks. It is a piece of hardware that can be installed on the network and connect different devices. In addition, it can route traffic in a way that makes it easy for devices to communicate with each other.

A Juniper switch can be used in many networks, including enterprise, cloud and data centres, campuses, branch locations, and customer premises equipment (CPE). What is a Juniper firewall?

The Juniper firewalls supports virtual routers. With its routing table and configuration, each VR acts as an autonomous router all on its own. Although you can alter their properties, you cannot remove the Trust-VR and the Untrust-VR predefined by default on Juniper firewalls.

The VRs provide security for your entire network by allowing traffic between networks that would typically be denied by the firewall rules set up in your typical firewall ruleset. The Trust-VR allows all traffic from your internal network to go through it. The Untrust-VR acts as a "catchall" for all other untrusted traffic (both hosts on your direct network and those from remote networks).

Juniper EX Switches

The EX Series of Juniper Ethernet Switches are high-performance access and aggregation/core layer switches specially designed for enterprise branch, campus, and data center deployments. They tackle developing corporation needs for excessive availability, unified communications, and virtualization.



Juniper MX Routers

Juniper MX Series routers are the key to digital transformation for carrier providers, cloud operators, and organisations in the cloud era. Virtualized, full-featured, carrier-grade router is best for NFV environments, fast provider introduction, and reasonably-priced provider scale-out.



Juniper SRX Firewalls

SRX Series firewalls delivers software visibility and control, IPS, and user-based software policies, plus unified threat management (UTM) to guard and manipulate your commercial enterprise assets. They can additionally operate a deep-packet inspection (DPI) and follow role-based get entry to policies, giving you granular control.




Is Juniper a VPN?

Juniper Secure Connect is a client-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) application that enables secure network connectivity and access to protected services. Juniper Secure Connect is a software-only solution that includes a suite of applications.

What does a Juniper router do?

A Juniper router is a network router that is commonly used in enterprise. They are used to connect multiple networks, route traffic, and provide security features such as firewall protection and VPN support.

Can I use my Juniper router with multiple VLANs?

Yes, you can use your Juniper router with multiple VLANs. You will have to configure the router to support multiple VLANs and create the necessary VLANs on the router. Once the VLANs are created, you can then add devices to each VLAN as needed.

Are Juniper routers good?

Juniper's routers and switches are considered among the best on the market because of their high performance, advanced features, and the fact that they are relatively inexpensive.

Is Juniper Secured?

The Juniper Secure platform delivers the highest level of security for your essential applications and data by providing end-to-end encryption, malware detection and prevention, advanced threat protection, and secure connectivity.


Juniper Networks' high-performance routing platforms provide a foundation for intelligent data centre networks that optimize performance, scale and cost. The routers, firewalls and switching systems enable secure connectivity across advanced cloud services.

Juniper's diverse product portfolio enables us to provide full lifecycle support for our customers' most critical networking needs — from design through implementation and beyond.


If you are looking for a service provider to fix your inflexible network, we can help!

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Founded in 2009, IT Networks provides solutions for network adoption, cloud computing, and remote access.

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