Router AIM Modules

Enhance Router Capabilities

Router AIM Modules are powerful expansion modules that provide additional features and resources to your network routers. These modules offer enhanced processing power, security features, and connectivity options, allowing you to optimize and scale your network infrastructure.

Key Features and Benefits of Router AIM Modules:

  1. Increased Performance: AIM Modules boost the performance of your routers by offloading specific tasks from the main processor. These modules handle resource-intensive functions such as encryption, compression, and traffic analysis, freeing up the router's CPU for other critical tasks. This results in improved overall performance and reduced latency.

  2. Advanced Security: Router AIM Modules provide dedicated hardware acceleration for security features such as IPsec VPN (Virtual Private Network) encryption and decryption. This enhances data confidentiality and integrity, ensuring secure communication across your network.

  3. Expanded Connectivity: AIM Modules offer additional connectivity options, such as additional Ethernet ports, serial interfaces, or specialized interfaces like ISDN or ATM. This allows you to connect to a wider range of devices and networks, expanding the versatility and flexibility of your router.

  4. Scalability and Investment Protection: By adding AIM Modules to your routers, you can scale your network infrastructure without the need for complete hardware replacements. These modules enable you to meet growing demands and adapt to evolving technologies, ensuring long-term investment protection.

  5. Integration and Compatibility: Router AIM Modules are designed to seamlessly integrate with compatible router platforms. They are supported by the router's operating system and management tools, making installation and configuration straightforward.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are Router AIM Modules compatible with all router models? A: Router AIM Modules are designed for specific router models and series. Please check the compatibility list or consult our team to ensure compatibility with your router model.

Q: Can I install multiple AIM Modules in my router? A: The number of AIM Modules that can be installed in a router depends on the specific router model and its available expansion slots. Some routers support multiple AIM Modules, allowing you to add multiple modules to meet your requirements.

Q: What tasks can be offloaded to Router AIM Modules? A: Router AIM Modules can offload various tasks, including encryption/decryption for IPsec VPNs, compression/decompression for data optimization, traffic analysis for network monitoring, and more. The specific tasks supported depend on the capabilities of the AIM Module and the router model.

Q: How do I install and configure Router AIM Modules? A: Router AIM Modules are typically installed into available expansion slots in the router chassis. Configuration of AIM Modules is performed through the router's management interface, utilizing the router's operating system and configuration commands. Please refer to the documentation for detailed installation and configuration instructions.

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  1. AIM-VPN/SSL-2
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  2. AIM-VPN/SSL-3
    was $3,500.00 Special Price $1,680.00
  3. AIM-IPS-K9
    was $3,000.00 Special Price $1,440.00
  4. AIM-TPO-1
    was $1,995.00 Special Price $958.00
  5. AIM-TPO-2
    was $2,995.00 Special Price $1,438.00
  6. AIM-APPRE-102-K9
    was $1,795.00 Special Price $862.00
  7. AIM-ATM
    was $1,000.00 Special Price $480.00
  8. AIM-ATM-1T1/E1
    was $2,000.00 Special Price $960.00
  9. AIM-ATM-4T1/E1
    was $4,000.00 Special Price $1,920.00
  10. AIM-VPN/SSL-1
    was $1,750.00 Special Price $840.00
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