Dahua Video Intercoms Accessories

Dahua offers a range of accessories to complement their video intercom systems, enhancing functionality and installation convenience. These accessories are designed to provide additional features and options for customization. Here are some common Dahua video intercom accessories:

  1. Extension Modules: Dahua offers extension modules that can be added to indoor monitors or outdoor stations to expand their capabilities. These modules may include features like additional buttons for door release, integration with other systems (such as alarm panels), or touch screens for enhanced user interaction.

  2. Power Supplies: To ensure reliable power distribution, Dahua provides dedicated power supplies for video intercom systems. These power supplies are designed to support the voltage and current requirements of the intercom devices, ensuring stable and consistent operation.

  3. Mounting Brackets: Mounting brackets and accessories are available to facilitate the installation of indoor monitors and outdoor stations. These brackets allow for flexible positioning and secure mounting on walls or other surfaces, ensuring optimal visibility and accessibility.

  4. External Cameras: For enhanced surveillance and coverage, Dahua offers external cameras that can be integrated with video intercom systems. These cameras provide additional monitoring capabilities for outdoor areas or other specific locations, expanding the overall security coverage of the system.

  5. Door Locks and Electric Strikes: To integrate access control functionality with the video intercom system, Dahua offers compatible door locks and electric strikes. These devices can be connected to the intercom system, allowing users to remotely unlock doors or gates for authorized visitors.

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