HPE ML350 Server Processors

The HPE ML350 server is a high-performance server designed for businesses that require robust computing power and scalability. It offers a range of processor options to cater to different workload requirements. Here are some commonly available processor options for the HPE ML350 server:

1. Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors: The ML350 server supports Intel Xeon Scalable processors, which are designed for demanding server workloads. These processors offer high performance, advanced features, and scalability, making them suitable for applications that require intensive processing power, virtualization, and data analytics.

2. Intel® Xeon® E Processors: Another option for the ML350 server is Intel Xeon E processors, which provide a balance between performance and affordability. These processors are designed for entry-level servers and are suitable for small to medium-sized workloads such as file sharing, basic databases, and low-traffic websites.

3. Intel® Core™ Processors: For more budget-conscious deployments, the ML350 server also supports Intel Core processors. These processors offer cost-effective performance for lighter workloads and basic server functions such as office productivity applications and small-scale virtualization.


Q1. Can I upgrade the processor in my HPE ML350 server? A1. Yes, the HPE ML350 server supports processor upgrades. However, it is important to refer to the server's documentation or consult with HPE or an authorized reseller to ensure compatibility and obtain the recommended upgrade options.

Q2. How many processors can the ML350 server accommodate? A2. The ML350 server typically supports up to two processors, providing increased processing power and scalability. However, it is advisable to check the specific model and generation of the ML350 server, as different configurations may have different limitations.

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