IT Networks, est. in 2009 is a Sharjah Police Approved Security agency that provides IP cameras, Analog Cameras, HDCVI cameras, Network Video recorders, and Digital Video recorders of well-known brands.


IT Networks is a comprehensive IT service provider that offers every kind of IT product as well as cable infrastructure solutions for management services and business level support.


Our telecom services offer connectivity products and services to the next level that fits the future and provides the right feasible solutions for effective communication all under one roof.

What is Sharjah Police Approved CCTV?

CCTV or close circuit television have become a common norm in 2021. You ought to choose such cautious tech to maintain your valuables protected. Whether you operate a company or wish to protect your family, such safety equipment has become crucial nowadays. Having a CCTV not only protects business and family, but it also improves security and prevents theft and property damage to anti-social elements. Well, in UAE especially in Sharjah CCTV’s have become obligatory as a chief source of scrutinizing security across innumerable situations and cases.

In keeping with the slogan, "Safe City," Sharjah Police has implemented its safety requirements. Sharjah Police complete its security system and CCTV Certification Action directly by addressing the demand for installation in institutions and infrastructure of CCTV cameras and other safety systems. The Department of Intelligence also directly over sakes all Emirates CCTV Installers. As per Sharjah police CCTV requirements, all commercial and residential buildings in the city will have to be equipped with CCTV cameras. Also, certain guidelines have been implemented by the Sharjah police so that every organization and home in the city stays guarded It is also prescribed that the CCTV surveillance system you buy should be engaged with an authorized Sharjah police-approved CCTV provider for a CCTV maintenance contract (CCTV AMC).

Welcome to Sharjah Police approved IT Networks

IT Networks’ core expertise encompasses Sharjah Police approved CCTV Camera System planning, designing, installation, and maintenance in UAE. In all seven Emirate and local police offices around the UAE, IT Networks is a renowned and competent CCTV installation company that has successfully maintained its top position on a list of the Sharjah police intelligence department's approved companies. We love to serve fortune-based small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as government departments, universities, hotels, and big business customers. In the IT business, we have established a distinguishing mark due to our desire to offer exceptional service to our customers. We have qualified technicians who diagnose problems attentively and are competent to take great care that is needed for the correct diagnosis and repair. Look no further than IT Networks if you are in search of a CCTV installation company in Sharjah as well as other cities in the UAE to receive an impeccable video surveillance framework!


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