Uniview NVR301 Series

The Uniview NVR301 Series offers cutting-edge technology and functionality to meet the demands of modern video surveillance systems. These network video recorders are equipped with powerful processors and optimized firmware, ensuring smooth and reliable video recording and playback. With support for multiple camera channels, the NVR301 Series can accommodate a wide range of surveillance installations, from small-scale setups to large-scale deployments.

One of the key features of the NVR301 Series is its high-definition recording capability. It supports various resolutions, including Full HD and 4K, to capture crisp and detailed video footage. Whether you are monitoring a single camera or multiple cameras simultaneously, the NVR301 Series ensures that every detail is captured with precision. With advanced compression algorithms, it optimizes storage efficiency without compromising video quality.

The NVR301 Series provides flexible storage options to suit your specific requirements. It supports internal hard drives for local storage and can be expanded with external storage devices, such as network-attached storage (NAS) systems. Additionally, it offers features like RAID support for data redundancy and backup, ensuring the integrity and availability of your video recordings.


  1. Can the NVR301 Series be integrated with third-party cameras? Yes, the NVR301 Series supports integration with third-party cameras that conform to ONVIF standards. This allows you to leverage the benefits of Uniview's advanced NVR features while using cameras from different manufacturers.

  2. Is the NVR301 Series compatible with mobile devices for remote viewing? Absolutely! The NVR301 Series is compatible with Uniview's mobile app, which enables remote viewing and management of your surveillance system from anywhere using smartphones or tablets.

  3. How can I ensure the security of my video recordings? The NVR301 Series offers multiple security measures, including password protection, user access control, and encryption of video streams. Regular firmware updates are also provided to address any potential vulnerabilities and ensure system security.

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