Cisco Switch Catalyst 4900

Cisco Catalyst 4900 Switch: Unleashing Network Performance

The Cisco Catalyst 4900 Switch is a feature-rich and scalable solution designed to meet the demands of modern enterprise networks. With its advanced capabilities, robust performance, and flexible configurations, it provides a solid foundation for building high-performance network infrastructures.

Key Features:

  • High Performance: The Catalyst 4900 delivers wire-speed switching with low latency, providing high bandwidth capacity and fast data transfer rates to support bandwidth-intensive applications and data-intensive workloads.

  • Flexible Configurations: It offers various configuration options, including fixed and modular models, supporting different port densities, uplink options, and advanced features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+).

  • Enhanced Security: The switch incorporates comprehensive security features, including access control, secure management protocols, and threat defense mechanisms, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of network data.

  • Scalable and Resilient: It supports Cisco StackWise technology for creating a highly scalable and resilient switch stack, simplifying network management, enhancing redundancy, and providing seamless expansion as your network grows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What are the primary use cases for the Cisco Catalyst 4900 Switch? The Catalyst 4900 is suitable for a range of network deployments, including enterprise campus networks, data centers, server farms, and high-density user environments.

  2. What are the available models in the Catalyst 4900 Series? Cisco offers different models in the Catalyst 4900 Series, supporting various port densities, uplink options, and features to cater to diverse network requirements.

  3. Does the switch support Layer 3 routing capabilities? Yes, the Catalyst 4900 supports Layer 3 routing functionalities, enabling advanced routing features and inter-VLAN routing for efficient traffic management.

  4. What management options are available for the Cisco Catalyst 4900 Switch? You can manage the Catalyst 4900 through a web-based interface, Cisco Network Assistant, or the command-line interface (CLI) using Cisco IOS software, providing flexibility and ease of management.

  5. Is the Catalyst 4900 compatible with Cisco Smart Install? Yes, the Catalyst 4900 supports Cisco Smart Install, enabling automated and zero-touch deployment of network switches, simplifying network provisioning and reducing manual configuration efforts.

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  1. WS-X4993
    was $345.00 Special Price $200.00
  2. WS-C4948
    was $10,000.00 Special Price $5,000.00
  3. WS-C4948-10GE-S
    was $15,000.00 Special Price $7,500.00
  4. PWR-C49E-300AC-F/2
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  5. WS-X4904-10GE
    was $5,800.00 Special Price $2,600.00
  6. WS-C4948-10GE-E
    was $19,000.00 Special Price $6,080.00
  7. S49ES-12254XO
    was $4,000.00 Special Price $2,200.00
  8. WS-X4908-10GE
    was $8,600.00 Special Price $3,900.00
  9. WS-C4948-S
    was $12,500.00 Special Price $6,250.00
  10. S49ESK9-12254XO
    was $4,000.00 Special Price $2,200.00
  11. WS-X4908-10G-RJ45
    was $4,000.00 Special Price $1,820.00
  12. WS-C4948-E
    was $16,500.00 Special Price $4,758.00
  13. S49EESK9-12254SG
    was $4,000.00 Special Price $2,200.00
  14. WS-X4920-GB-RJ45
    was $4,000.00 Special Price $1,600.00
  15. S49EIPBK9-12254SG
    was $100.00 Special Price $55.00
  16. WS-X4992
    was $700.00 Special Price $312.00
  17. WS-C4948E
    was $15,525.00 Special Price $5,380.00
  18. PWR-C49-300DC-F
    was $920.00 Special Price $440.00
  19. PWR-C49-300DC-F/2
    was $800.00 Special Price $440.00
  20. WS-C4948E-E
    was $23,000.00 Special Price $10,000.00
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