HPE Apollo Servers Processors

HPE Apollo servers are known for their high-performance computing capabilities, and one of the key components that contribute to their exceptional performance is the processors they are equipped with. HPE Apollo servers are designed to support a wide range of processors, including both Intel® Xeon® and AMD EPYC processors, offering customers flexibility and choice to meet their specific workload requirements.

Key features of the processors used in HPE Apollo servers include:

  1. Powerful Performance: The processors used in HPE Apollo servers are designed to deliver powerful performance for compute-intensive workloads. With high core counts, high clock speeds, and advanced architectures, these processors can handle demanding tasks with ease and efficiency.

  2. Scalability: HPE Apollo servers support processors with various core counts and socket configurations, allowing for scalability to match the needs of different workloads. This scalability enables customers to start small and expand as their computing requirements grow.

  3. Advanced Technologies: The processors used in HPE Apollo servers incorporate advanced technologies to enhance performance, security, and reliability. These technologies include features such as Intel® Turbo Boost, AMD Infinity Fabric, and advanced encryption capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and data protection.

  4. Energy Efficiency: HPE Apollo servers are designed with energy efficiency in mind, and the processors they use are no exception. The processors feature power management technologies that help optimize power consumption without compromising performance, reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

  5. Compatibility and Support: The processors used in HPE Apollo servers are rigorously tested and validated for compatibility and reliability. HPE provides comprehensive support for these processors, including firmware updates, driver compatibility, and optimization for specific workloads.


Q1. Can I choose between Intel® Xeon® and AMD EPYC processors for my HPE Apollo server? A1. Yes, HPE Apollo servers offer the flexibility to choose between Intel® Xeon® and AMD EPYC processors based on your specific requirements. Both processor families provide excellent performance and reliability for different types of workloads.

Q2. Can I upgrade the processors in my HPE Apollo server? A2. In most cases, HPE Apollo servers allow for processor upgrades to support future growth or changing workload demands. However, the upgradeability may vary depending on the specific server model and processor socket compatibility.

Q3. Are the processors in HPE Apollo servers compatible with virtualization technologies? A3. Yes, the processors used in HPE Apollo servers are compatible with leading virtualization technologies, such as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. This enables efficient utilization of server resources and enables the creation of virtualized environments for improved workload consolidation.



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