HPE Aruba 200 Series Access Points

HPE Aruba 200 Series Access Points are designed to provide reliable and high-performance wireless connectivity for small to medium-sized businesses. These access points offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on features and capabilities. Here are key features and benefits of HPE Aruba 200 Series Access Points:

  1. High Performance: The Aruba 200 Series Access Points deliver fast and reliable wireless connectivity, supporting the latest Wi-Fi standards, including 802.11ac Wave 2. They provide high data transfer rates and improved coverage, ensuring a seamless user experience for both employees and guests.

  2. Easy Deployment: These access points are designed for easy installation and deployment. They can be easily mounted on walls or ceilings, and their compact design allows for flexible placement options. The access points come with intuitive setup wizards and configuration tools, simplifying the deployment process.

  3. Secure Wireless Connectivity: Security is a top priority, and the Aruba 200 Series Access Points offer robust security features to protect the wireless network. They support the latest encryption standards, including WPA3, to ensure secure data transmission. Integrated firewall capabilities and role-based access control help enforce security policies and protect against unauthorized access.

  4. Multiple Deployment Options: These access points support multiple deployment modes to accommodate different network requirements. They can be used as standalone access points, managed by the Aruba Instant On mobile app or web portal, or they can be centrally managed through an Aruba Instant On gateway.

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