Hikvision TVI DVR


Hikvision's TVI (Transport Video Interface) DVR (digital video recorder) is a professional-grade, real-time monitoring security solution that offers high-definition recording and playback capabilities. This versatile DVR is designed to work with various CCTV cameras, making it an ideal choice for businesses and organizations looking to upgrade their security systems. In addition, the Hikvision TVI DVR also features advanced motion detection and event notification functions, allowing users to respond to potential security threats quickly.

Hikvision TVI DVR review

Hikvision TVI DVRs typically offer a range of features, including motion detection and recording modes. It also offers advanced features like facial recognition and license plate recognition.

When buying a Hikvision TVI DVR, it's essential to ensure it's compatible with your cameras and meets your specific needs for recording and monitoring your property.

Hikvision TVI DVR price in UAE

The price of a Hikvision TVI DVR can vary depending on the specific model, its features, and the seller you are purchasing from. For example, lower-priced models may offer basic recording and monitoring functions. In contrast, higher-end models may have more advanced features, such as multiple hard drive bays for increased storage and support for more cameras.

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