Uniview 4K Series

The Uniview 4K Series is a lineup of high-resolution security cameras designed to provide exceptional image quality and advanced surveillance capabilities. Here are some key features of the Uniview 4K Series:

  1. Ultra-High Resolution: The cameras in the 4K Series offer a resolution of 4K (8 megapixels) or higher, delivering incredibly detailed and sharp video footage. This level of resolution allows for precise identification of people, objects, and events, ensuring optimal situational awareness.

  2. Enhanced Video Compression: The cameras employ efficient video compression techniques, such as H.265 or H.265+, to minimize bandwidth and storage requirements while maintaining excellent image quality. This allows for efficient network utilization and cost-effective long-term storage.

  3. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): Many cameras in the 4K Series feature Wide Dynamic Range technology, which enables the cameras to handle challenging lighting conditions. WDR helps balance the exposure between bright and dark areas within a scene, ensuring clear visibility of details in both high-contrast and low-light environments.

  4. Advanced Low-Light Performance: The cameras are equipped with advanced sensors and low-light imaging technologies, such as Starlight technology, to capture clear and detailed images even in low-light conditions. This ensures reliable surveillance around the clock, both indoors and outdoors.

  5. Intelligent Analytics: The cameras support intelligent video analytics functionalities, including motion detection, intrusion detection, line crossing detection, and facial recognition. These features enable the cameras to detect and alert users to specific events or suspicious activities, enhancing overall security effectiveness.

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