Cisco Security Manager

Cisco Security Manager: Centralized Security Management

Cisco Security Manager is a comprehensive security management solution that provides centralized control and monitoring of your network security infrastructure. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, it empowers you to efficiently manage your security policies, devices, and configurations.

Key Features:

  • Device Management: Cisco Security Manager allows you to centrally manage and configure a wide range of Cisco security devices, including firewalls, VPNs, and intrusion prevention systems. This streamlines device provisioning, software updates, and policy enforcement.

  • Policy Management: With Security Manager, you can easily create, deploy, and enforce security policies across multiple devices, ensuring consistent and standardized security configurations throughout your network.

  • Event Monitoring and Reporting: The solution provides real-time monitoring of security events, alerts, and logs, allowing you to quickly identify and respond to potential threats. Detailed reporting features help you gain insights into network security trends and compliance.

  • Automation and Orchestration: Security Manager enables automation of repetitive tasks and workflows, improving operational efficiency and reducing the risk of human error. It also supports integration with other security solutions, enabling security orchestration across your network.


  • Simplified Security Operations: Cisco Security Manager simplifies complex security operations by providing a unified platform for managing security policies, devices, and events, reducing management overhead and improving overall security posture.

  • Increased Visibility and Control: With centralized monitoring and reporting capabilities, Security Manager gives you a holistic view of your security infrastructure, allowing you to proactively identify vulnerabilities and respond to security incidents in a timely manner.

  • Enhanced Compliance: The solution helps you ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices by enforcing consistent security policies, conducting audits, and generating compliance reports.

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  1. Cisco ASA-VPNS-50K Firewall
    was $699,995.00 Special Price $314,998.00
  2. Cisco ASA-VPNP-5550 Firewall
    was $3,500.00 Special Price $1,575.00
  3. Cisco ASA-VPNS-100K Firewall
    was $1,399,995.00 Special Price $629,998.00
  4. Cisco ASA-VPNP-5580 Firewall
    was $5,000.00 Special Price $2,250.00
  5. Cisco L-ASA-VPNS-500= Firewall
    was $44,995.00 Special Price $20,248.00
  6. Cisco ASA-VPNP-5585 Firewall
    was $5,000.00 Special Price $2,250.00
  7. Cisco L-ASA-VPNS-1000= Firewall
    was $58,995.00 Special Price $26,548.00
  8. Cisco L-ASA-VPNS-2500= Firewall
    was $119,995.00 Special Price $53,998.00
  9. L-ASA-VPNP-5520=
    was $2,000.00 Special Price $900.00
  10. Cisco L-ASA-VPNP-5540= Firewall
    was $3,000.00 Special Price $1,350.00
  11. Cisco L-ASA-VPNS-7500= Firewall
    was $165,995.00 Special Price $74,698.00
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