Cisco Serial Cables

Cisco Serial Cables are communication cables used to establish a serial connection between Cisco networking devices and other devices or peripherals. These cables are essential for connecting routers, switches, and other network equipment to external devices such as computers, modems, and serial consoles.

Key features and types of Cisco Serial Cables include:

  1. Serial Interface: Cisco Serial Cables typically feature connectors on both ends that are designed to interface with serial ports on Cisco devices. The most common serial interfaces used in Cisco networking equipment include RS-232, RS-449, and V.35.

  2. Console Cables: Console cables are a type of Cisco Serial Cable specifically used for connecting a computer or terminal to the console port of a Cisco networking device. They allow administrators to access the command-line interface (CLI) of the device for configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting purposes.

  3. DTE and DCE Cables: Cisco Serial Cables come in two variations: Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) and Data Communications Equipment (DCE) cables. DTE cables connect to the serial ports of routers, switches, or other DCE devices, while DCE cables connect to modems or external devices acting as DCE equipment.

  4. Cable Length: Cisco Serial Cables are available in various lengths to accommodate different network setups and device placement requirements. Common cable lengths include 1 meter, 3 meters, and 6 meters, although longer cables may also be available.

  5. Cable Pinouts: Cisco Serial Cables follow specific pinout configurations to ensure proper communication between devices. The pinout arrangement depends on the serial interface type and the specific requirements of the connected devices.

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  3. CAB-AUX-RJ45
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  4. CAB-C15-ACU
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  5. CAB-SS-232FC
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  7. CAB-STK-E-0.5M
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  8. CAB-STK-E-1M
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  9. STACK-T2-1M=
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  10. CAB-SPWR-30CM=
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  11. CAB-SS-2626X-3
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  12. CAB-SS-2626X-6
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  13. CAB-SS-530MT
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  14. CAB-SS-V35MT
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  15. CAB-SS-530MT-EXT
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  16. STACK-T2-3M=
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  17. CAB-SS-V35FC
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  18. STACK-T1-3M=
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