Uniview Starlight PTZ Dome

The Uniview Starlight PTZ Dome is designed to deliver exceptional performance in low-light environments. Equipped with Uniview's innovative Starlight technology, this PTZ camera produces clear and vivid images even in near darkness. With enhanced sensitivity and advanced image processing algorithms, the Starlight PTZ Dome ensures that you can capture critical details, regardless of lighting conditions.

This PTZ dome camera offers powerful pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, providing flexible and precise surveillance coverage. With its motorized pan and tilt functions, you can easily adjust the camera's viewing angle to monitor specific areas of interest. The impressive zoom capability allows you to magnify distant objects and capture fine details without compromising image quality.

The Starlight PTZ Dome is packed with advanced features, including true WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) for balanced exposure in high-contrast scenes, 3D intelligent positioning for accurate tracking of moving objects, smart IR technology for optimal night vision, and intelligent video analytics for enhanced functionality and event detection.


  1. What is Starlight technology? Starlight technology is a unique feature of the Uniview Starlight PTZ Dome that enables exceptional low-light performance. It enhances the camera's sensitivity and employs advanced image processing algorithms to deliver clear and detailed images in low-light conditions.

  2. What are the advantages of a PTZ dome camera? PTZ dome cameras offer flexible surveillance coverage with their pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. They allow you to adjust the camera's viewing angle, track moving objects, and zoom in for detailed observations, providing comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

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