Cisco IP Phone Accessories

Enhance Your Cisco IP Phone Experience

Cisco offers a variety of accessories designed to enhance the functionality and usability of your IP Phone. Whether you need additional convenience, improved audio quality, or enhanced mobility, our selection of accessories has you covered.

Key Accessories:

  1. Headsets: Enjoy hands-free communication with Cisco IP Phone headsets. Choose from wired or wireless options, featuring noise-canceling technology for crystal-clear audio and improved concentration during calls.

  2. Expansion Modules: Expand the capabilities of your Cisco IP Phone with expansion modules. These modules provide additional programmable buttons, allowing you to efficiently handle multiple lines and access frequently used features.

  3. Power Adapters: Ensure uninterrupted power supply to your IP Phone with Cisco power adapters. These adapters provide reliable power delivery, ideal for situations where Power over Ethernet (PoE) is not available.

  4. Wall Mount Kits: Optimize desk space and improve flexibility with Cisco IP Phone wall mount kits. These kits allow you to securely mount your IP Phone on the wall, saving valuable desk space and providing ergonomic benefits.

  5. EHS Adapters: Enable Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) functionality with Cisco EHS adapters. These adapters allow you to control call answering and ending remotely, providing enhanced convenience and freedom of movement.

Choose the Right Accessories for Your Cisco IP Phone

Customize and enhance your Cisco IP Phone experience with our selection of high-quality accessories. From headsets for improved audio clarity to expansion modules for increased productivity, our accessories cater to your specific communication needs.

For more information or inquiries about our Cisco IP Phone accessories, please contact our team. We are here to assist you in choosing the right accessories to optimize your communication setup.

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