Meraki MX Accessories

Welcome to the world of Meraki MX Accessories! Meraki, a Cisco-owned company, offers a wide range of accessories designed to complement and enhance the capabilities of your Meraki MX security appliances. These accessories are carefully crafted to deliver seamless integration, improved performance, and expanded functionality for your network infrastructure.

Key Meraki MX Accessories

  1. Ethernet Cables: Meraki MX accessories include high-quality Ethernet cables in various lengths and types, such as Cat 6 and Cat 6a. These cables ensure reliable and high-speed connectivity between your Meraki MX appliance and other network devices, providing optimal performance and data transfer rates.

  2. Power Adapters: To power your Meraki MX security appliance, Meraki offers compatible power adapters. These adapters provide reliable power supply, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your MX device. They are available in different specifications to meet the power requirements of various MX models.

  3. Rack Mount Kits: If you prefer to mount your Meraki MX appliance in a standard rack, Meraki MX accessories include rack mount kits. These kits provide the necessary hardware to securely install your MX device in a rack, saving valuable space and facilitating neat cable management.

  4. SFP and SFP+ Modules: Meraki MX appliances support SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) and SFP+ modules, which enable fiber optic or copper connectivity for your network. These modules offer flexible options for extending your network reach or connecting to high-speed network links.

  5. LTE Modems: For organizations requiring cellular connectivity as a backup or primary connection option, Meraki offers LTE modems as accessories for select MX models. These modems enable reliable and secure cellular connectivity, providing network resilience and continuity in areas with limited or no wired internet access.

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