Cisco Wireless Controller Licenses

Cisco Wireless Controller Licenses are essential for managing and controlling your wireless network infrastructure. These licenses provide the necessary permissions and capabilities to effectively manage and secure your wireless access points, client devices, and network policies through the Cisco Wireless Controller platform.


1. What are Cisco Wireless Controller Licenses? Cisco Wireless Controller Licenses are software licenses that enable the functionality of the Cisco Wireless Controller. The Wireless Controller acts as a centralized management platform for your wireless network, allowing you to configure, monitor, and secure your wireless access points and client devices. These licenses determine the number of access points and clients that can be managed by the controller and unlock advanced features and capabilities.

2. What benefits do Cisco Wireless Controller Licenses offer? Cisco Wireless Controller Licenses offer several benefits for your wireless network management. With these licenses, you can centrally manage your wireless access points, streamline network configuration and monitoring, enforce security policies, and optimize network performance. The licenses also provide access to advanced features such as guest access, client profiling, quality of service (QoS) controls, and seamless roaming, enhancing the user experience and network reliability.

3. How can I obtain Cisco Wireless Controller Licenses? To obtain Cisco Wireless Controller Licenses, you can work with authorized Cisco resellers or partners. They can help you assess your wireless network requirements and recommend the appropriate license type based on the number of access points and clients you need to manage. Cisco offers various licensing options, including base licenses, adder licenses, and upgrade licenses, to meet the needs of different network deployments and scale as your network grows.

If you need assistance with Cisco Wireless Controller Licenses, our team of experts is here to help. We can guide you through the licensing options, help you choose the right licenses for your wireless network, and ensure a smooth integration and management of your Cisco Wireless Controller.

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  1. L-LIC-CT2504-5A
    was $1,295.00 Special Price $400.00
  2. L-LIC-CT5508-5A
    was $2,495.00 Special Price $719.00
  3. LIC-CT2504-25A
    was $6,495.00 Special Price $2,923.00
  4. L-LIC-CT5508-50A
    was $21,495.00 Special Price $5,532.00
  5. L-LIC-CT2504-25A
    was $6,495.00 Special Price $1,863.00
  6. L-LIC-CT2504-1A
    was $260.00 Special Price $93.00
  7. LIC-CT2504-5A
    was $1,295.00 Special Price $583.00
  8. L-LIC-CT5508-25A
    was $12,495.00 Special Price $3,474.00
  9. LIC-CT5508-50A
    was $21,495.00 Special Price $8,598.00
  10. LIC-CT5508-100A
    was $32,495.00 Special Price $12,998.00
  11. LIC-CT5508-250A
    was $58,495.00 Special Price $23,398.00
  12. L-LIC-CTIOS-1A
    was $200.00 Special Price $92.00
  13. L-LIC-CT5508-100A
    was $32,495.00 Special Price $8,032.00
  14. L-LIC-CT5508-250A
    was $58,495.00 Special Price $14,459.00
  15. LIC-CT2504-1A
    was $260.00 Special Price $117.00
  16. LIC-CT5508-5A
    was $2,495.00 Special Price $998.00
  17. LIC-CT3504-1A
    was $200.00 Special Price $72.00
  18. L-LIC-WISM2-100A=
    was $15,495.00 Special Price $5,424.00
  19. L-LIC-WISM2-200A=
    was $30,495.00 Special Price $10,674.00
  20. L-LIC-CTVM-5A
    was $750.00 Special Price $339.00
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