HPE MSA Storage Hard Drives

HPE MSA (Modular Storage Array) storage systems support a variety of hard drives designed to meet different storage capacity, performance, and reliability requirements. These hard drives are specifically engineered to work seamlessly with HPE MSA storage controllers and deliver optimal performance. Here are some key points about HPE MSA storage hard drives:

1. Drive Types: HPE MSA storage systems support different types of hard drives, including SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and Nearline SAS (NL-SAS) drives. SAS drives offer higher performance and are suitable for applications that require low latency and high I/O operations. NL-SAS drives provide higher capacity and are ideal for applications with larger storage requirements.

2. Drive Capacities: HPE MSA storage hard drives are available in various capacities to cater to different storage needs. The capacities can range from smaller drives of a few hundred gigabytes (GB) to larger drives of several terabytes (TB). The specific drive capacities depend on the drive model and technology.

3. Drive Speeds: Hard drives for MSA storage systems are available in different rotational speeds, typically 7,200 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) or 10,000 RPM. Drives with higher rotational speeds offer faster data access and are suitable for applications that demand quicker response times.

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