Router EHWIC WAN Cards

Enhance Your Router's Connectivity with EHWIC WAN Cards

EHWIC WAN Cards are versatile modules that offer a variety of connectivity options for your router, enabling seamless integration into your network infrastructure. These cards provide high-speed and reliable connections to wide area networks (WANs) and offer flexibility in meeting your specific connectivity needs.

Key Features and Benefits of EHWIC WAN Cards:

  1. Expanded WAN Connectivity: EHWIC WAN Cards support a wide range of WAN technologies, including Ethernet, T1/E1, T3/E3, DSL, and Serial connections. This allows you to connect to different types of service providers or branch office networks, expanding your reach and connectivity options.

  2. Increased Bandwidth: With EHWIC WAN Cards, you can leverage higher bandwidth options, such as Gigabit Ethernet or bonded T1/E1 connections, to handle increasing data demands or support bandwidth-intensive applications. This ensures smooth and efficient data transmission across your network.

  3. Integration with Security and Voice Services: Certain EHWIC WAN Cards offer integrated security and voice services, such as VPN (Virtual Private Network) encryption or Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities. This enables secure communication and extends the functionality of your router, allowing for a more comprehensive network solution.

  4. Ease of Installation and Management: EHWIC WAN Cards are designed for easy installation and can be quickly added or removed from compatible routers. They are also easily managed through the router's management interface, simplifying configuration and monitoring tasks.

  5. Scalability and Future-Proofing: EHWIC WAN Cards provide scalability options, allowing you to add or upgrade modules as your network requirements evolve. This ensures future-proofing and investment protection, enabling your router to adapt to changing business needs.

Choose the Right EHWIC WAN Cards for Your Router

Explore our selection of EHWIC WAN Cards and choose the ones that best align with your router and connectivity requirements. Our team of networking experts is available to assist you in selecting the ideal cards to expand your router's connectivity and enhance your network capabilities.

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    was $1,200.00 Special Price $247.00
    was $700.00 Special Price $144.00
    was $900.00 Special Price $491.00
  4. HWIC-2T
    was $1,000.00 Special Price $123.00
  5. HWIC-2FE
    was $2,000.00 Special Price $844.00
  6. HWIC-4T
    was $3,400.00 Special Price $1,190.00
  7. HWIC-1T
    was $600.00 Special Price $234.00
  8. EHWIC-3G-HSPA+7-A
    was $1,300.00 Special Price $1,050.00
  9. HWIC-4T1/E1
    was $4,200.00 Special Price $299.00
  10. EHWIC-D-8ESG
    was $1,100.00 Special Price $691.00
  11. HWIC-1CE1T1-PRI
    was $3,600.00 Special Price $1,149.00
  12. HWIC-2SHDSL=
    was $900.00 Special Price $396.00
    was $575.00 Special Price $268.00
  14. HWIC-4A/S
    was $1,700.00 Special Price $600.00
    was $1,150.00 Special Price $947.00
    was $1,050.00 Special Price $525.00
  17. HWIC-2CE1T1-PRI
    was $5,800.00 Special Price $1,851.00
  18. HWIC-16A
    was $3,200.00 Special Price $1,150.00
  19. HWIC-8A
    was $1,600.00 Special Price $741.00
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