1. What are the Most Crucial Features of FortiAnalyzer?

    Currently, most firms employ less than the required physical or virtual IT infrastructure. However, a security strategy must include both hardware and virtual appliances.
    To adapt to the environment, which comprises a mix of virtual and physical IT infrastructure, FortiAnalyzer is available as a hardware or virtual appliance. FortiAnalyzer can log events from Forti OS-based hardware appliances, virtual appliances, or a combination of both.

    What is FortiAnalyzer?

    FortiAnalyzer is a platform that combines network logging, analysis, and reporting into a single solution, allowing you to gain a better understanding of security events throughout your network.

    FortiAnalyzer products reduce the time and effort needed to audit and manage policies, as well as disclose attack trends to aid in the fine-tuning of business administrations. In a nutshell, FortiAnalyzer

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  2. Which Touch Screen Laptop Should You Choose?

    A good touchscreen laptop used to be a rarity, but now there are many choices. You don't have to commit to one brand or model of laptop, and you can have a touchscreen laptop for nearly any budget, but you may have to pay more for it than non-touch-sensitive screens.

    The best touchscreen laptops can expand your options significantly. Laptop touchscreens have vastly improved in reliability and performance thanks to technological breakthroughs.

    Here are some of the top touchscreen laptops on the market right now:

    1. Dell XPS 13


    • Display: 13.4 inches- 3.5K OLED
    • CPU: 11th-Generation Intel Core i3-i7
    • GPU: Intel UHD - Intel Iris Xe
    • RAM:
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  3. What is a Tower Server Used For?

    Have you ever noticed that a tower server resembles a desktop computer with a conventional case size? Tower servers were the first servers used in small to medium businesses. They use a typical computer case and a tower with high-end components.

    Assembling a tower server is similar to building a regular desktop computer; however, it necessitates more modern parts capable of handling higher CPU and network demands and more storage.

    What Is a Tower Server?

    Servers are dedicated computers that handle a variety of network-related tasks. You may need multiple servers to manage various areas of your enterprise. An FTP server, a file storage server, an application server, and an email server are examples of servers. A tower server could be used for each machine. Tower servers are mostly preferred by certain small and midsize businesses.

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  4. A Detailed Guide on How to Update Dell Servers (PowerEdge)

    Updating servers is not an easy process and you need to know the entire process correctly and in detail. The same applies to Dell PowerEdge servers as well. You can use this guide as a reference when updating Dell servers as it discusses different methods to update a Dell PowerEdge Server.

    But before we jump straight into the process of updating Dell servers, it would make things easier if you know the difference between drivers and firmware. It’s because, on a server, you can update both drivers and firmware. It means if you are updating a Dell server, the differentiation between drivers and firmware must be clear.

    What is the difference between firmware and drivers?

    While firmware is a type of software that enables a d

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  5. Which are the Best Small Business Servers of 2022?

    Choosing the correct server for your company might be challenging. You must select not only different brands and models, but also CPUs, storage, connection, and a variety of other characteristics. Thus, deciding where to begin is indeed tough. But don't be concerned! You've come to the right place if you need to set up a server for your small business.

    How to Select the Most Appropriate Server for Your Small Business?

    It's not difficult to find a low-cost server these days. Finding a cost-effective server that is genuinely good is more challenging. Although the market is always evolving and opinions differ, you must consider the aspects listed below when selecting the right server for your small business.

    1. Virus Management

    Infection from malware, viruses, and spam is one of the most serious risks to the network. Thus, anti-virus software

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  6. How to Plan for a Clean Server Migration?

    How to Plan for a Clean Server Migration?

    When transferring data to a more resilient server, virtualization, or cloud hosting, you'll confront many questions as your company works to make its IT systems more productive.

    Server migrations have become an essential part of today's IT environment, as everyone demands quick installations and minimal downtime.
    The speed and efficiency with which you can migrate your servers will be crucial in reaching your company's future development potential. If you're unsure what a server migration is or what aspects are involved in the process, we'll walk you through it stepwise.

    What is Server Migration?

    The process of moving

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  7. Which Antivirus Software Should I Choose For Windows 11?

    Many people say that the daily online activity of the users decides the need for antivirus software for Windows 11. But, actually, every person who uses the internet, no matter how much, needs antivirus software. Sometimes, a few clicks online can harm the system and lead to serious problems. So, the amount of internet usage doesn’t matter; instead, the thing that matters is that you are using the internet.

    The main reasons to invest in antivirus software are:
    • To detect risky websites
    • To protect from malicious threats
    • To secure your children from illegal platforms

    Now, you very well know that antivirus software is important for you and your system. So, the next step is to know about different antivirus software options so that you pick the best for you

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  8. Server Security: What Is It? How to Implement It?

    Cyber attacks are getting more and more common for UAE businesses. According to Check Point Research (CPR), cyber attacks have increased by over 70 percent per week on corporate networks in the UAE. The report stated that cyber-attacks reached their peak at the end of 2021. What’s more, 2021 is being said to be the record-breaking year in terms of cyber security. This clearly emphasizes the increasing importance of server security for UAE businesses of all sizes.

    In this guide, you will learn the most common vulnerabilities in server security, important guidelines to improve server security, and also get a checklist that will help maintain server security.

    What do we mean by server security?

    Server security refers to the tools and processes that are s

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  9. Your Guide to Choosing Between SSD and HDD

    Traditional hard disk drive (HDD) has been replaced by solid-state drives (SSD) in most new laptops and desktop computers. So, when you go ahead to shop for the perfect storage drive for your system, you should get yourself familiar with SSD beforehand. Even if your computer came with HDD installed in it, you can replace that HDD with an SSD to boost the performance. With that said, you might face some challenges while doing so. So, read this guide till the very end to learn everything you must know before choosing SSD.

    Let’s start with the introduction of SSD.

    What is an SSD?

    SSD is an acronym for Solid State Drive, which is a newer form of non-volatile memory used in computers. Here, non-volatile memory means that the information stays there on the memory chips once it is there. That’s

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  10. Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Backup: What Makes Them Different from Each Other?

    While many businesses have adopted cloud technology to run and store certain applications, some companies have entirely moved to the cloud, allowing their teams to collaborate and work remotely. When you are planning to move some of your data to the cloud, there is one thing that you must have utter clarity about - the difference between cloud storage and cloud backup.

    Today, we will help you understand how cloud storage and cloud backup differ from each other, what pros and cons they have, and more. So, if you are new to the cloud as well or think that both are the same things, keep reading to get complete clarity.

    Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Backup

    What Is Cloud Storage?

    Cloud Storage refers to the tools that help you save your documents, photos, videos, and other important files on the cloud and allow you to

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