1. Our Comprehensive Guide on How to Check HP Warranty and Extend It

    Millions of PC units from HP are sold worldwide every year. HP is a renowned name in the world of PC users. But laptops and PCs are not the only products that HP manufactures. It also manufactures and offers printers, scanners, servers, and workstation computers. Till now, it has served more than one billion customers, which is quite incredible.

    However, when an individual or business uses a computer, laptop, or similar device, there is always a probability that an issue might arise. Though it doesn’t happen often or with every user, it happens sometimes. When it happens, it prompts a user to wonder if their product is still covered by the HP warranty. Some people are even willing to extend their warranty to ensure stress-free usage and keep the cost of any damages or issues down.

    Thus, today, in this guide, we will first guide you on how to check HP Warranty and then discuss options t

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  2. The Top Five Windows 10 Antivirus Software in 2021

    Today, most people use a Windows system. That attracts many hackers simply because it's the most popular PC operating system. Over the last few years, the antivirus situation on Windows has improved. But the users' valuable data is still under threat – that's why many people look for the best Windows 10 antivirus software.
    In order to be safe from the latest threats, you need to update the Windows antivirus package regularly. That's because hackers constantly look for new ways to access data and control systems. There are plenty of threats out there – some of which you might know, others you might have never heard of – no matter how cautious you are online.

    So the question is - which is the best antivirus software for Windows 10 right now? Here, we'll look at the top 5 Windows 10 antivirus.

    1. ESET NOD32

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  3. Important Things You Should Know About Structured Cabling!

    Most of you might have heard of the term “structured cabling” but what you might not know is the fact that this term is like a buzzword in the world of cable management. Structured cabling is known to play a crucial role in dealing with quite complicated and specific cabling. Well, by the end of this blog, you will have enough knowledge about structured cabling in order to make an informed decision on the kind of structure cabling services you should choose.

    What is structured cabling?

    Structured cabling may be defined as a complete cabling and hardware system that provides a thorough telecommunication infrastructure in order to help a business or company runs its networking tasks smoothly, without any issues whatsoever.

    Typically, this setup consists of various standardized smaller ele

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  4. 4 Best Cheque Printing Software in 2021

    The time has gone when you used to write a cheque using a pen. Today, you can print it using cheque printing software. It means manually written cheque has taken a backseat and cheque printing using software is in the forefront.


    Why should use Cheque Printing Software?

    It’s a great tool to produce professional business or personal cheques with your custom design. It allows modification of all the fields according to your requirements, creation of classic or modern drafts. The cheque printing software is an ideal option for people running small firms, bookkeepers, accounting officers and also individuals, who don't own any business.

    With the cheque printing software, you can customize the layouts by adding various elements like the company logo or signature images. You c

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  5. Ubiquiti vs. Cisco – Which is the Best Router?

    A router is a key networking device for the internet connection in a home or office. It is a device that establishes communication between the internet and the devices connected to the internet. So basically, the router performs traffic directing functions by forwarding data packets between the devices and the internet. It connects two or more packet-switched networks and also allows multiple devices to connect with the same internet connection.

    Many of us who use routers for a long time, must know how difficult it is to pick the right one for particular needs. Different routers come with different features or compatibilities for connectivity options, speed limitations, connection types, and the number of devices to be connected to serve specific purposes. Some people don’t find a USB port so useful with their specific kind of uses and some need i

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  6. Mesh Networking: What it is and How Does it Works?

    We have witnessed numerous technological advancements that make our lives better and convenient. One of them is the internet. However, as much as the wireless network has helped life become more manageable, it's not flawless yet. Many people pay a huge sum for quality internet, but often, it doesn't perform up to the standards.

    If you struggle with covering your entire home with a Wi-Fi signal, you should consider mesh networking. It is the most efficient way to enhance your internet coverage.

    What is a Mesh Network?

    It is the latest form of wireless internet, which blankets the entire home with Wi-Fi coverage. This network is composed of multiple mesh nodes that work together as one home Wi-Fi system.

    How Does Mesh Network Operate?


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  7. All About Data Recovery: Definition, How It Functions, And Why?

    There is no denying the fact that over the past few years, we have become more and more reliant on all kinds of data storage devices to save our important data. However, data loss was and is still a great cause of concern that we must not undermine.

    Fortunately enough, in most cases, the lost data can be recovered but to be extra cautious, you can follow certain strategies in order to protect your data from getting lost in the first place. But if you did employ all the possible strategies to save your data and still lose the important data, then there is nothing to be done other than to use data recovery software. In this blog, we will talk about what data recovery is, how it works, and how effective the software is when it comes to recovering the lost data.

    What is data recovery?

    Data recovery

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  8. Thinking about cheque printing? Here are a Few Things to Know

    The cheque printing industry has evolved really well over the years. You can remember waiting for weeks to finally receive your cheques from the bank. Since everything has gone digital; you can use any cheque printing software to get your cheques printed immediately after few clicks. 

    As a business owner, you might need to get your cheques printed as soon as possible and you might be wondering about how to get the work done. This brief guide can help you to know more about check printing. Here we go!

    Requirements for cheque printing

    If you are looking ahead to print your cheque on your own then you need to gather the following materials before you begin:

    • Good cheque printing software- modern cheques printing
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  9. What Is the Difference Between NSA and SA?

    A big telecom transformation is on the way, and the preparation for 5G has already begun. The impact of 5G creates over a $12 trillion market opportunity for Mobile Network Operators (MNO), as per The 5G Economy.

    For mobile operator networks, choosing to adopt 5G technology is all about offering high-speed connectivity to their customers on devices that support fifth-generation network services.

    To make the transition from traditional legacy core to 5G smooth, MNOs have two different options:

    • Non-Standalone Architecture (NSA)
    • Standalone Architecture (SA)

    While both options serve the same purpose, they are different in terms of architecture, as well as functionality.

    What is 5G Non-Standalone Architecture (NSA)?

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  10. How Can Structured Cabling Services Benefit Your Organization?

    Today, many network administrators get complaints that their network is down because of cabling or other reasons. In many cases, the network is down on account of low-quality cabling systems. By installing new structured cabling systems can eliminate much network downtime.   

    Structured cabling services can help your business operate at its optimum level, especially if you depend heavily on technology, as most businesses do.

    Here are some of the best ways that a structured cabling company can help your business thrive.

      1.  Make it Convenient to Manage Everything

    A professional structured cabling service can manage your technology efficiently regardless of the size of your enterprise or the complexity of your IT infrastructure. If you have many wires going to different equipment, it can be hard to

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