1. How to Setup CCTV Cameras with a Monitor

    The last thing in the CCTV camera setup is the monitor on which you check the live or recorded videos along with the images. Without a monitor or a monitoring room, the setup of CCTV cameras is not successful because you get to see nothing and don’t take the right actions on time. The CCTV camera becomes a recording device where you can check the recorded videos later. 

    As a monitor is important in the CCTV camera setup, you should follow all the steps or conditions to establish the connection. Make sure you don’t miss out on anything. 

    Generally, people prefer either of the two following ways to connect CCTV cameras with a monitor. 

    • CCTV cameras connected to a monitor 
    • CCTV cameras connected to multiple monitors

    The choice depends on the size of the premises and the number of people responsible for security checks. 

    The number of monitors is

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  2. Top 10 Dos Laptops In 2022

    Disk Operating System or DOS is an operating system that runs from the hard disk drive. This is also categorized under the specific family of disk operating systems known as MS-DOS or Microsoft disk operating systems. 

    For many laptop users, DOS is just a story. They prefer using laptops with the latest operating systems and maximum features. But, there is a section of laptop users who are still fond of DOS laptops, especially the ones who work with a LINUX operating system alongside Microsoft Windows. 

    A few reasons to consider MS-DOS over other operating systems are that it is lightweight that provides command-line access to any device, and the boost system of the DOS laptops is the fastest. Other than this, the DOS laptops are budget-friendly. 

    But, the question is which DOS laptop to choose because there are many in the market. To help you out, we will list the top 10 DOS laptops in this post. 

    Lenovo Thinkpad T460

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  3. Things to Know Before Buying a Thermal Scanner Camera

    People think buying a DSLR camera is a big task because it’s costly and a lot of things have to be considered. It’s said that the image quality depends on the right selection of the DSLR camera. But, the fact is buying a thermal scanner camera is more difficult because it is specifically designed for different jobs. You cannot buy a thermal camera and use it for different purposes like a DSLR. 

    For example, a thermal scanner camera will be different for a plumber, home inspector, electrician, researcher, drone pilot, mechanic, maintenance technician, and others. So, you should know what exactly your requirements are before buying a thermal scanner camera. 

    Along with your requirements, there are other factors as well that you should consider before a thermal scanner camera. But, before discussing the factors, we will discuss the common uses of a thermal scanner cam

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  4. Why Should We Buy Panasonic Tough book CF-33?

    Since 1996, Panasonic has made rugged Tough book laptops. And all the models introduced by the brand till now have performed pretty well in the market. They are perfect to use in every condition without any issues. But, things changed when Panasonic broke its shell by introducing the Tough book CF-33. Compared to other tough book laptops, the CF-33 is stronger, creating a more flexible platform for pros who need a durable, weatherproof tablet, a laptop, or both. 

    Not only durability, but Panasonic Tough book CF-33 is popular for other features as well. So, undoubtedly, you should buy it. 

    The features or characteristics of Panasonic Tough book CF-33 are:

    The Panasonic Tough book CF-33 is just like its name

    Every laptop or tablet user is careless. They

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  5. The 5 Tips for Structured Cabling for Data and Voice

    Data cabling, voice cabling, and Ethernet cabling are all the names that generally refer to structured cabling, in today’s time. However, it might be possible that all the cabling done for data and voice might not be structured and organized properly, and in that case, you cannot call it structured cabling. In this post, we will be focusing only on structured cabling. Thus, whatever term you will encounter in place of structured cabling, such as data cabling and voice cabling, you can assume that it is referring to structured cabling.

    Before we give you any tips about structured cabling for data and voice, let’s get familiar with what exactly structured cabling is.

    What is structured cabling?

    Structured cabling is a complete system of cabling and associated equipment in a way that every cable is properly laid out in a particular way so that different cables don’t tangle with each other. It is properly organized and methodical so that the place where cabling and a

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  6. How to Choose the Right Dahua Transmission Device?

    For comprehensive security solutions, connecting devices while providing efficient data and power transmission, Dahua transmission devices are recommended. There are not one or two but several Dahua transmission devices in the market, helping in different applications. And the best thing about them is their features. 

    For example, the network switches allow long-distance signaling without replacing cable or switch infrastructure in future-proof video surveillance systems. The ePoE devices are 100% backward compatible with PoE. They eliminate the need for multiple switches because they connect IP cameras through category or coaxial cable. Both in wired and wireless devices, there is a switch or accessory that offers long-distance cabling options and saves time and money. 

    These are a few examples of Dahua’s transmission devices with their roles and benefits in the industry. 

    As there are m

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  7. Are Touch screen Laptops Still Popular?

    People love touch screen laptops but they are a bit doubtful before buying them. They can’t decide if the touch screen laptop will help them professionally and personally or if there will be certain limitations to it. Another major thing that makes people doubtful is that Apple, one of the laptop brands, hasn’t introduced any touch screen laptop model. This is why the popularity of touch screen laptops is at stake. 

    When the touch screen laptop was launched, people were excited. They thought the laptop will become handier as there will be no keyboard, mouse, or other pieces of external hardware attached to it. And the fact is it happened. With time, the demand for touch screen laptops increased and people found them pretty easy to keep and use. Most importantly, the touch screen laptop models came with improved features and people got addicted to the

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  8. How to Set Up a CCTV Camera

    Not only a CCTV camera but its installation matter for home security. You can get the best camera for your home but it won’t be useful if not installed properly. The camera will be like a showpiece for you as well as others. 

    Many people feel relaxed after installing CCTV cameras thinking they will get all the footage if something goes wrong and finding the culprit will be easy for them. But, unfortunately, this doesn’t happen because of the poor setup and installation of the CCTV cameras. Basically, the angle of the CCTV cameras is not set right. 

    In this post, we will discuss the easy tricks and important details to set up a CCTV camera and ensure perfect home security. 

    We will start with the places to install CCTV cam

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  9. How to Make a Laptop Battery Last Longer

    Using a laptop without a battery is challenging. There is an option to keep your laptop plugged in and use it as long as you want. But, what about using your laptop in fields or any location where an electric connection isn’t available? Unfortunately, your laptop will be of no use if its battery isn’t working or doesn’t have a good backup. The battery will get discharged soon and your work will halt. 

    The battery is an important element of your laptop. So, you should try everything to increase its life, not just for a day but for the long term. It will not only increase your productivity but also improve the performance of your laptop. Most importantly, it will save you money on frequent battery replacement. 

    In this post, we will discuss a few simple tips to make your laptop battery last longer. 

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  10. Which Resolution Is Best for a 20-Inch Monitor?

    For any non-technical person, it can be overwhelming to determine which resolution is best for a 20-inch monitor or what size monitor they should get. Your computer is going to be used for work, gaming, and entertainment such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and a lot more. This means it is critical to choose the best screen for your computer.

    The main problem is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution as everybody has unique demands and preferences. While some buyers appreciate a bigger display, others put features and connectivity at the forefront.

    So, you will learn in this guide more than about choosing the right resolution for a 20-inch monitor.

    What size monitor is best?

    How big is big enough for me? When it comes to monitors

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