Cisco TelePresence SX Series

The Cisco TelePresence SX Series is a range of state-of-the-art video conferencing systems designed to deliver immersive and lifelike collaboration experiences. These systems combine high-definition video, crystal-clear audio, and advanced features to enable seamless communication and collaboration across remote locations.


1. What is the Cisco TelePresence SX Series? The Cisco TelePresence SX Series consists of video conferencing systems that offer superior audiovisual quality and interactive collaboration features. These systems are designed to create immersive meeting environments that replicate face-to-face interactions, allowing participants to collaborate effectively regardless of their physical locations.

2. What are the key benefits of using Cisco TelePresence SX Series? The Cisco TelePresence SX Series offers several key benefits. Firstly, it enables lifelike video and audio quality, providing participants with a realistic meeting experience. Secondly, these systems promote effective collaboration through features like content sharing, whiteboarding, and document collaboration. Additionally, the SX Series supports interoperability with other video conferencing platforms, ensuring seamless communication with external partners or clients.

3. What features and capabilities does the Cisco TelePresence SX Series offer? The Cisco TelePresence SX Series includes a range of features and capabilities. These include high-definition video resolution, immersive telepresence experiences, intelligent camera tracking, integrated audio system, dual-display support, and compatibility with a variety of collaboration tools. The SX Series also supports advanced functionalities like recording and streaming meetings, enabling remote participants to join via mobile devices, and integrating with unified communication platforms.

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  1. CTS-SX20-PHD12X-K9
    was $11,900.00 Special Price $5,025.00
  2. CTS-SX20-QS-WMK
    was $499.00 Special Price $139.72
  3. LIC-SX80-MS
    was $4,490.00 Special Price $1,796.00
  4. CTS-SX10N-K9
    was $4,060.00 Special Price $1,672.00
  5. CTS-SX80-IP40-K9
    was $21,900.00 Special Price $13,140.00
  6. CTS-SX80-IP60-K9
    was $27,838.00 Special Price $13,362.24
  7. CS-KITP60-K9
    was $15,143.00 Special Price $6,511.49
    was $485.00 Special Price $291.00
  9. CTS-QSC20-MIC
    was $468.00 Special Price $280.80
  10. LIC-SX20-MS
    was $3,300.00 Special Price $1,155.00
  11. CTS-SX80-IPST60-K9
    was $34,125.00 Special Price $12,626.25
  12. CTS-PHD-1080P12XS
    was $6,500.00 Special Price $3,900.00
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