Hikvision NVR 8600 Series

Hikvision NVR 8600 Series: Advanced Network Video Recorders for Enhanced Security

The Hikvision NVR 8600 Series is a cutting-edge range of network video recorders designed to provide exceptional surveillance and security solutions. With advanced features and robust functionality, these NVRs offer reliable and high-performance recording capabilities for various surveillance applications. Whether you need to monitor a small office, a retail store, or a large-scale enterprise, the Hikvision NVR 8600 Series is a reliable choice.

Key Features and Benefits of Hikvision NVR 8600 Series:

  • High-quality video recording: The NVR 8600 Series supports up to 4K resolution, ensuring crystal-clear video footage.
  • Advanced video management: It offers features like intelligent video analytics, motion detection, and event-triggered recording for efficient monitoring and management.
  • Easy integration: The NVRs are compatible with a wide range of Hikvision cameras and other security devices, allowing for seamless integration and scalability.
  • Remote access: With Hik-Connect or iVMS-4500 app, users can remotely access and monitor their surveillance system from anywhere at any time.
  • Reliable storage: The NVRs support multiple hard drives, RAID configurations, and redundant power supply options for secure and reliable storage of video data.


Can I connect multiple cameras to the Hikvision NVR 8600 Series?

Yes, the NVR 8600 Series supports multiple channels, allowing you to connect and manage multiple cameras simultaneously.

Does the NVR 8600 Series support remote viewing?

Yes, you can access and monitor your surveillance system remotely using the Hik-Connect or iVMS-4500 app on your mobile devices.

What storage options are available with the NVR 8600 Series?

The NVR 8600 Series supports multiple hard drives and RAID configurations, providing flexible and reliable storage options for your video recordings.

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