Cisco Switches

Cisco is a market leader in designing products that improve customer experience and productivity may folds. Cisco switch is considered one of the best network switches in the market as they are simple to deploy and manage. A cisco-managed switch is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses as it reduces IT management time by 75%, allowing people to focus more on scaling and optimizing the switches. 

If you are wondering whether you should buy a cisco switch, here is why Cisco is the market leader: they are future-ready, frequently updates their software and security measures, are reliable and built to last, have embedded security features to protect from any network threats.

About IT Networks Technologies
The team at IT Network Technologies often participates in Knowledge Transfer (KT) Sessions conducted by our HR department to obtain training about the products we market to people. Our team includes professionals who previously worked in Microsft, Cisco, etc., who have extensive knowledge of IT-related technology snd products. 

We mainly focus on supplying our products to Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Kenya. Our business primarily imports, exports, and re-exports electronic and electrical products, Dell computers, and networking equipment and software.

If you want to order products in bulk, email us at All orders within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are eligible for free shipping.

To receive any customer support around the clock, you can contact us at +971 4 2409 998/ Whatsapp: +971555038013. 

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  1. C9500-48X-A
    was $26,400.00 Special Price $6,798.00
  2. C9500-48X-E
    was $26,400.00 Special Price $6,798.00
  3. C9500-16X-2Q-A
    was $16,515.00 Special Price $4,422.00
  4. C9300-24S-A
    was $21,390.00 Special Price $5,948.00
  5. C9500-16X-2Q-E
    was $16,515.00 Special Price $4,422.00
  6. WS-C3850-24XU-E
    was $25,334.00 Special Price $6,688.00
  7. IE-3000-8TC
    was $2,770.00 Special Price $1,354.00
  8. IE-2000-4S-TS-G-L
    was $1,320.00 Special Price $774.00
  9. IE-2000-16TC-L
    was $2,498.00 Special Price $1,406.00
  10. IE-2000-16TC-G-N
    was $4,407.00 Special Price $2,360.00
  11. IE-4000-8GS4G-E
    was $6,115.00 Special Price $3,275.00
  12. IE-3000-4TC
    was $2,292.00 Special Price $1,031.00
  13. IE-4000-8GT4G-E
    was $6,040.00 Special Price $3,546.00
  14. C9300-24S-E
    was $21,390.00 Special Price $5,948.00
  15. C9300-48S-E
    was $23,880.00 Special Price $7,132.00
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1043 Items

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