Cisco SFP GLC Module

Cisco SFP GLC Modules are Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver modules designed to provide flexible and high-performance connectivity for your network infrastructure. These modules are hot-swappable and can be easily inserted into SFP slots on various Cisco networking devices, including switches, routers, and network interface cards (NICs).


1. What are Cisco SFP GLC Modules? Cisco SFP GLC Modules are compact and versatile transceiver modules that support a wide range of optical and copper interfaces. They are designed to transmit and receive data over various media types, such as multimode fiber, single-mode fiber, and copper cables. The SFP GLC Modules offer different speed options, including 1 Gigabit Ethernet (1GbE) and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), allowing for flexible and scalable network deployments.

2. What are the key benefits of using Cisco SFP GLC Modules? Using Cisco SFP GLC Modules provides several key benefits. Firstly, they offer modular and interchangeable connectivity options, allowing for easy configuration and future scalability. Secondly, these modules support high-speed data transmission with low latency, ensuring fast and reliable network performance. Additionally, they are compatible with a wide range of Cisco networking devices, offering seamless integration and flexibility for your network infrastructure.

3. How do I select and install Cisco SFP GLC Modules? When selecting Cisco SFP GLC Modules, consider factors such as the desired data rate, media type (fiber or copper), transmission distance, and interface compatibility with your network devices. Our knowledgeable sales team can assist you in choosing the appropriate modules for your specific networking requirements. Installation involves inserting the modules into the SFP slots of your compatible Cisco devices and ensuring proper fiber or copper connections.

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    was $1,026.00 Special Price $154.00
  2. SFP-10G-SR
    was $1,032.00 Special Price $152.00
    was $518.00 Special Price $77.00
  4. Cisco SFP 10G SR-S
    was $728.00 Special Price $66.00
    was $4,114.00 Special Price $760.00
  6. Cisco SFP-10G-ZR
    was $16,000.00 Special Price $2,598.00
  7. SFP-OC48-IR1
    was $3,197.00 Special Price $1,375.00
    was $2,057.00 Special Price $411.00
  9. GLC-FE-100FX
    was $250.00 Special Price $121.00
    was $569.00 Special Price $259.00
  11. GLC-T
    was $450.00 Special Price $51.00
  12. GLC-ZX-SM
    was $3,995.00 Special Price $781.00
  13. SFP-10G-LR
    was $4,128.00 Special Price $597.00
  14. DS-SFP-FC8G-SW
    was $275.00 Special Price $96.00
  15. SFP-GE-T
    was $450.00 Special Price $152.00
  16. SFP-10G-LRM
    was $1,182.00 Special Price $198.00
  17. SFP-OC12-LR1
    was $2,417.00 Special Price $1,034.00
  18. SFP-OC3-SR
    was $735.00 Special Price $306.00
  19. SFP-GE-S
    was $550.00 Special Price $253.00
  20. SFP-OC3-LR2
    was $1,373.00 Special Price $588.00
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