Cisco ISR 4000 Licenses

Cisco ISR 4000 Licenses are software licenses that enable advanced features and capabilities on Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) 4000 Series. These licenses allow you to customize and optimize your router to meet your specific network requirements, enhance security measures, and enable advanced services.


1. What are Cisco ISR 4000 Licenses? Cisco ISR 4000 Licenses are software licenses that provide access to specific features and functionalities on Cisco ISR 4000 Series routers. These licenses unlock advanced capabilities such as WAN optimization, application visibility and control, advanced security features, and collaboration services. They enable you to tailor your router's performance and services according to your network needs.

2. What benefits do Cisco ISR 4000 Licenses offer? Cisco ISR 4000 Licenses offer several benefits to enhance your network infrastructure. These licenses enable advanced security features like firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), and VPN services, ensuring secure data transmission and protecting against threats. They also provide application visibility and control, allowing you to prioritize critical applications and optimize network performance. Additionally, collaboration licenses enable features such as voice and video services for unified communications.

3. How can I acquire and activate Cisco ISR 4000 Licenses? To acquire Cisco ISR 4000 Licenses, you can purchase them from authorized Cisco resellers or distributors. The licenses are associated with the unique device identifier (UDI) of your ISR 4000 router. Activation involves registering the licenses on the Cisco License Registration Portal and associating them with your router's UDI. Once activated, you can configure and enable the licensed features using the Cisco IOS XE Software command-line interface.

For more information about Cisco ISR 4000 Licenses, their available features, and licensing options, please visit our website or contact our sales team. We are here to assist you in selecting the right licenses to optimize your Cisco ISR 4000 router and meet your network requirements.

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  1. FL-44-PERF-K9
    was $3,600.00 Special Price $1,038.00
  2. FL-4330-PERF-K9
    was $1,500.00 Special Price $432.00
  3. SL-4330-SEC-K9
    was $1,750.00 Special Price $486.00
  4. SL-4320-SEC-K9
    was $1,500.00 Special Price $417.00
  5. L-SL-44-APP-K9=
    was $3,600.00 Special Price $1,001.00
  6. L-SL-4350-APP-K9=
    was $2,300.00 Special Price $663.00
  7. L-SL-4330-APP-K9=
    was $1,150.00 Special Price $331.00
  8. FL-4320-HSEC-K9=
    was $700.00 Special Price $201.00
  9. FL-4220-PERF-K9=
    was $1,150.00 Special Price $331.00
  10. FL-44-HSEC-K9=
    was $1,250.00 Special Price $360.00
  11. FL-4350-PERF-K9
    was $1,500.00 Special Price $432.00
  12. FL-4350-HSEC-K9=
    was $1,000.00 Special Price $288.00
  13. SL-44-SEC-K9
    was $4,600.00 Special Price $1,279.00
  14. SL-4220-APP-K9=
    was $875.00 Special Price $252.00
  15. SL-4220-SEC-K9=
    was $1,224.00 Special Price $340.00
  16. SL-44-APP-K9
    was $3,600.00 Special Price $1,260.00
  17. SL-4350-SEC-K9
    was $2,950.00 Special Price $820.00
  18. SL-4350-APP-K9
    was $2,300.00 Special Price $663.00
  19. SL-4330-APP-K9
    was $1,150.00 Special Price $331.00
  20. SL-4320-UC-K9
    was $1,610.00 Special Price $464.00
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