Dahua 1MP CVI

Dahua 1MP CVI

What is Dahua 1MP CVI technology?

Dahua 1MP CVI (Composite Video Interface) is a high-definition surveillance technology that allows for the transmission of high-quality video signals over long distances using coaxial cables. It is designed to provide clear and detailed video footage for various security applications.

What are the benefits of Dahua 1MP CVI cameras?

Dahua 1MP CVI cameras offer several advantages, including high-resolution video capture at 720p, excellent low-light performance, and the ability to transmit video signals over long distances without loss of quality. They also feature advanced image processing algorithms, wide dynamic range, and day/night functionality for superior video surveillance.

How can Dahua 1MP CVI cameras be used?

Dahua 1MP CVI cameras are suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential security, commercial surveillance, retail stores, offices, and public spaces. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and their flexible installation options make them ideal for various surveillance needs. Whether you need to monitor your property or enhance the security of your business, Dahua 1MP CVI cameras offer reliable and high-performance video surveillance solutions.

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