Dahua Parking Products

Dahua Technology offers a comprehensive range of parking products designed to enhance parking management, improve efficiency, and ensure a smooth parking experience. These products are equipped with advanced technologies to optimize parking space utilization, enhance security, and provide convenient parking solutions. Here are some key Dahua parking products:

  1. Parking Guidance Systems: Dahua's parking guidance systems help drivers locate available parking spaces quickly and efficiently. These systems utilize ultrasonic sensors or cameras to detect vehicle occupancy and provide real-time information about vacant parking spaces. LED signage and mobile applications can be integrated to guide drivers to the nearest available parking spots, reducing the time spent searching for parking.

  2. License Plate Recognition (LPR) Systems: Dahua's LPR systems automate the process of vehicle identification and access control. These systems use high-resolution cameras and advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology to capture and recognize license plate information. They can be integrated with parking management systems to enable automatic entry and exit of vehicles based on authorized plate numbers.

  3. Parking Management Software: Dahua offers robust parking management software that allows administrators to monitor and control parking operations effectively. This software provides real-time monitoring of parking occupancy, access control, and payment transactions. It also generates detailed reports and analytics for efficient parking management and revenue optimization.

  4. Parking Barrier Gates: Dahua's parking barrier gates are designed to control the entry and exit of vehicles in parking facilities. These motorized gates feature boom arms that can be raised or lowered to allow or restrict vehicle access. Barrier gates can be integrated with access control systems, ticketing systems, and payment solutions to ensure secure and efficient parking management.

  5. Ticket Dispensers and Pay Stations: Dahua offers ticket dispensers and pay stations that enable automated ticket issuance and payment collection. These devices are equipped with features like barcode or QR code scanning, touch screens, and various payment options (cash, card, mobile payments) to facilitate a seamless and convenient parking experience for users.

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