HPE WLAN Accessories

HPE WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) Accessories are additional components and peripherals designed to enhance and optimize the performance of HPE wireless network solutions. These accessories provide added functionality, flexibility, and convenience to HPE WLAN deployments. Here are some common types of HPE WLAN Accessories:

  1. Antennas: HPE offers a range of antennas for WLAN deployments, including omni-directional and directional antennas. Antennas help to extend the coverage area and improve signal strength for wireless devices, ensuring reliable connectivity and better performance.

  2. Mounting Kits: HPE provides mounting kits that allow for secure and convenient installation of access points and antennas. These kits come with various mounting options, such as ceiling mounts, wall mounts, and pole mounts, enabling flexible deployment scenarios.

  3. Power Injectors and Power Supplies: HPE WLAN Accessories include power injectors and power supplies that provide reliable and efficient power delivery to access points. These accessories ensure uninterrupted operation of wireless networks by supplying power to devices even in remote or challenging deployment environments.

  4. Cables and Connectors: HPE offers a variety of cables and connectors, such as Ethernet cables and RF connectors, to facilitate proper connectivity and communication between WLAN components. These accessories ensure reliable data transmission and signal integrity.

  5. Lightning Arrestors: Lightning arrestors are essential accessories for outdoor WLAN deployments. They protect wireless infrastructure from power surges caused by lightning strikes, minimizing the risk of equipment damage and network downtime.

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